Monday, April 29, 2019

Who has the right to write literature about war Essay

Who has the right to write literature astir(predicate) war - Essay utilisationThe first novel about war was scripted by the male because of their active participation in the war compared to women.Poem about with the theme of men, who walk away, is an explanation of the soldiers in the war. The poem serves as an object lesson of the future generation of the behaviour of men during the war. The pre-war novels were about the role of women during the war. The women responsibility to take cares of domestic chores and had no voice during the war. Most women, who advocated their independence, ch onlyenged the novel. Women poets came up with poems that describe their role in the war as opposed to those written by men. Other writers wrote poets that explain if the war occurs or not, the authors state the reasons for the war to occur. For the war to happen on that point should be a reason.African American literature has been incorporated as part of American literature. However, it is com mutative of its styles and voices from the American literature. The independence has assisted in reach for many audiences of black origin. In United States, African American literature is criticized for the separation of the writing styles. The separation in literature advocated for women to write about their dandy women and African American to write about the blacks. The new policy in it literature was opposed by the many writers because hinder the literature to explore the entire human race. All the writers have equal right despite the race or the gender background to express their opinion in the literature about the war. In the past, the natives ignored the African American literature. Recently the diverse groups in America have real the literature written by the blacks in America because of the reduction in the racial discrimination.In conclusion, all the individuals have a right to write literature about war. The Africa American writers believe that that literature gave them semipolitical liberation. The literature presents the truth

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