Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Evolutionary Theory of Aging Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Evolutionary Theory of Aging - Essay ExampleThe following discussions will reach to illustrate the unlike theories that have been suggested to explain how these changes take place. The following discussions would be a on the different theories as they try to explain how the genes responsible aging evolved overtime. Evolutionary theory of aging is one of the astray used theories to explain aging of individual animals. According Weismann (1999), evolutionary theory of aging is relevant as it gives clear account of evolution of individuals with respect to the aging of the cells that atomic number 18 possessed by those particular individuals. He also argues that the most important aspect of evolutionary theory is that it gives an account of the possible evolutions of the cells that may matter into the death of the cells or reduced performance and hence increases their susceptibility to death. Several researches that have been done by different researchers hence however reveled th at it is difficult for this theory to contradict the Darwins theory of evolution. ... In this context, the patrimonial materials that are supposed to play vital part during this time are lost and hence the disallow impact begins. For example, the replacement of the tissues and other body parts may be done but the cryptology system may not take place accordingly and hence this termination to the production of cells and the way of old tissues. The other important aspect of this model is also the appearance of the late acting genes that are harmful to the genetic system. It is important to note that it is these late harmful genes that contribute to the aging litigatees. It is believed that these genes interfere with the processes of universal functioning of individuals and hence it is difficult for the normal genes to act accordingly. Whether the lack of the late acting genes or the atrocious late acting genes, the main idea of this model is that the initiation of the aging pro cess takes place as a result of complication in the late acting genes within individuals. While it is a unwavering point to explain the aging process in theory, the question that remains unexplained is that the initial process that initiates aging is not well explained. In this context, it is clear that the process does start as a result of genetic complication. However, the theory remains dormant on the sources as this is not explained why these genes do not occur on the young people or those who have only lived for few years. However, this model has intensiveness in explaining the genetic problem which is more explanatory to the practical aspect of aging. The other model is that which was suggested by William assert that the aging that occurs to individuals takes place as a result of pleiotropic effect from the genes. It is believed that these genes are beneficial in the early years but

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