Sunday, February 24, 2019

Affirmative Action Essay

What would the business world be like with no optimistic action? One can only imagine the discrimination that would be going on. This is why our companionship needs to take action towards pickings the right steps to implementing this very important construct. Not only must we follow equal employment opport conformity laws, but we must control the comfort, security, and safety of our employees. No person regardless of age, race, color, religion, disability, or sex be denied of employment based on those factors.With the implementation of the affirmative action insurance taking affect within our company, we can expand our family of employees to a often more diverse work outforce. We impart gain a plethora of experience from those with all(a) different types of prior work experiences. Our actions will lead to unity and harmony between those who are of different national origins, and will attend to eliminate discrimination on the job. It is incredibly important for those we emp loy to bop we take pride in our company and care about their opinions, concerns, and well-being. able and well taken care of employees, make for enthusiastic and productive employeesThe conception is to hire people based on their experience, knowledge of the occupation, education, and whatever skills they may encompass. It is important for employees to know some of the basic skills required for the job however, on the job training is an excellent opportunity for growth and learning unsanded techniques. approbatory action allows for room for advancement to those with seniority within the company, as well as room to hire more new employees to engage their old lays. By enforcing affirmative action we are creating job security which encourages employees to strive to constantly improve and create goals within the company which gain grounds every whizz involved.Affirmative Action3As positive as affirmative action can be, in that respect can also be negative results of this conc ept. In some cases, one protected class may be considered as favored by employers, while others feel they have been prejudged which has become known as rustle discrimination. Because of any one group being favored, the possibilities of conflict occurring in the work assign could rise for this reason, it is extremely important to apply and use the concept of affirmative action the way it was meant to be used.Each and every individual(a) must be treated fairly, and situations will be dealt with according to the position they hold within the company. Equally as wrong as preferential treatment are those companies who sometimes are either forced or volunteer for affirmative action they are only trying to absorb their quota to meet requirements, which also eventually leads to more discrimination. As commodious as we take all of the appropriate steps to work this into our workforce and are doing it for all of the right reasons, we will have a successful multicultural corporation who c an work together peacefully.The reason this policy would benefit our company is mainly because we are being given the opportunity to procure past instances of discrimination which have occurred within our establishments. We have the chance to pass away with a clean slate, and be known as an inviting and stable place to work. By implementing affirmative action we can look to our employees that they will have intercourse working for us.By knowing what to look to every day they will be happier, loyal, enthusiastic, supportive, and eager to come back. They will gain an appreciation for the company which treats them with respect and equal to their coworkers. The positive possibilities are endless as long as everyone is compliant with the policy. There will be an individual to supervise and make sure all policy regulations are being followed and cooperated with, as well as an Affirmative Actioninformative document which explains all details.We will encourage all to be involved in pr ograms or groups which will lead to meeting goals related to the policy. And last but non least, there will be a mandatory meeting to ensure that everyone is fully aware of the changes to come and that anyfurther instances of discrimination in the workplace will not be tolerated. With that said, we look forward to the new cultural diversity we will have within our company and expect many good things to come from itAffirmative Action5Reference PageBohlander, G. W., & Snell, S. A., (2007). Managing benevolent resources (14th ed.). Florence, KYThomson Learning Higher Education.

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