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Kendall Fretwell Assignment 3 1. Changes in sexual maturity which occur during puberty be referred to asSecondarysex characteristics. 2. The first ejaculation in boys is calledSpermarche. 3. Girls who are sexually active are also more apparent to have experienced earlyMenstruation . 4. Approximatelyone terzettoof teen pregnancies in the U. S. end in abortion. 5. Many researchers feel that actualisation of ones feelings of same-sex attraction begin as early asself quotation . 6. Mary is a biological female who identifies psychologically and emotionally as male. Mary isTransgender. 7. The incidence of illicit drug use among teens washigherin the 1990s than in the 1970s. 8. Sylvia, although extremely thin, looks in the mirror and sees excessive consistence fat. She exercises obsessively and eats very little. Sylvia might be diagnosed as havingAnorexia nervosa. 9. Pi get onts theory ofSelf-Expression enables teens to understand metaphors and symbols. 10. Goals wh ich are based on a desire for self-improvement are referred to asmasterygoals. 11. Jason works out regularly at the gym. He is one of the best players on his soccer team. Jasons goal to be the best on his team is an example of a n)Task/ self-importance involvement goal. 12. The last of Freuds st dates of psychosexual development is theGenital phase angle. 13. Erikson used the frontiergender-role identity to refer to the period when an adolescent is troubled by a lack of identity. 14. An individual whose gender-role identity isandrogynous would perceive herself or himself as having both feminine and masculine traits. 15. sometimes Kohlbergs stage of social corpse and conscience is known as theLaw and Order stage. 16. Antisocial demeanor is defined as antisocial behavior which includes law-breaking. 17. A combination of cliques forms atribe . 18. Homosexual teens become aware of their same-sex attractions at about the age of9 . Heterosexual teens become aware of th eir opposite-sex attractions at about the age of11 . 19. Response inhibition depends on the ability of thelimbic ashesof the brain to regulate the limbic system. 20. Changes in the heart and lungs that take come to the fore in new(a) maturity are probable not to be noticeable except during. 21. Regarding immune function immature T cells are made in thebone marrowand they mature in the thymus . 22. In the Alameda study on health and aging, only marital circumstance and monthly personal incomewere found to be unrelated to mortality. 23. HIV stands for piece Immunodeficiency Virus. 24. In order to be diagnosed with a personality disorder, a young adult has to have been exhibiting the behavior sincedevelopment . 25. Lorie is in her late twenties. She has been unable(p) to hold a job for more than 3 months at a time and she quickly gets bored with her relationships. Her mood tends to be unstable and she is con tempered. Lorie may suffer fromCyclothymia. 26. Post-ope rational Development thought is associated with a fifth stage of cognitive development. 27. The most common modification in academic settings for students with disabilities is supererogatorytime for taking tests. 28. College women in the U. S. and Europe use a60% number of study skills than men. 29. African American students who ensue historically scurrilous institutions show more gains in botheducationandskillscompetence than those who attend predominantly White colleges. 30. intimacy versus isolation argued that the central crisis of early adulthood dealt with issues of isolation and intimacy? 31. Jack has settled into his new spiritedness as a retiree. He has friends and activities and feels a happy sense of stability in his new life. Jack is in LevinsonsCulmination phase. 32. One factor that correlates with marital success is each partners attachment to his or herpersonality. 33. Close friendships rely on mutualtrustand personalfriendship . 34. Work-family conf lict more strongly influencescareer decisions. 35. One strategy for coping with conflicts between work and family life is to redefine familytime . 36. Young drivers exhibitmorelapses in caution and driving errors than middle-aged drivers. 37. Fifty-year-old Mr. Evans has started experienced difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection. These changes might indicate that Mr. Jones is experiencing erectile dysfunction. 38. The last phase of change of life is called thePostmenopausal phase. 39. Bernice is 45. At least in one case a week, she wakes up in the middle of the night wringing wet with sweat. She is having heated flashes , a form ofearly menepause . 40. The loss of bone mass is calledosteoporosis and begins at around age30 . 41. Pauls family is getting tired of having to repeat everything they recite to him because he has difficulty hearing.He goes to an audiologist and finds that he hashearing loss , so the audiologist recommends a hearing aid. 42. heart complaint is the most common cause of ending for adults in the U. S. 43. The personality characteristic which seems to be the biggest contributor to cardiovascular disease isstress . 44. Highcholesteroldiets seem to increase the try of well-nigh forms of cancer while highvegetablediets seem to decrease the risk of other forms of cancer. 45. Among women, death frombreast canceris considerably more likely than death from heart disease. 46. Overall physical health and cognitive surgical procedure in middle adulthood are most closely tie in toPhysical and Cognitive Development. 47. Episodic memory is recollection of specific eventssemantic memory is the recollection of general knowledge and facts. 48. List the three phases of menopause in order. Identify what happens to hormone levels in each phase. Perimenopause-It is the result of ever-changing levels of ovarian hormones in your body. Estrogen levels decline, but they do so unevenly. Sometimes they can even be higher than when you were younger Natural menopause Postmenopause Postmenopause- small amount of estrogen

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