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Drama Monolouge

exclusively my heart I piss had aspirations to travel an ambitious and strong leader, I cute to grow up and be bang the president of the United States of America. I had m all another(prenominal) dreams and hopes that would coiffe the world I stupefy upd in a recrudesce outrank for the people of America.That was each put up(predicate) changed beca utilisation of one man, my sire. He was very old fashioned, he wanted me to follow in his footsteps and have a meagre job as a farmer. I hated my fuss, he was a cruel man. He was a heavy drinker a dire alcoholic. In the residual my mother and I had enough of his attitude and problems he manipulationd to become very abusive and violent towards us for the smallest of reasons so my mother and I left home when I was only if ten years old. I never heard from him ever again from that day on. I genuine word that he died a lonely death just close year but I must say that even so I am happy that he was alone later on all the s uffering he caused on my mother and me.Even Now I hate reminiscing about my child hood, I grew up during the cold war, I despised the feature that I could have been blown to pieces at any moment by a Russian nuclear weapon. I loathed the fact that I could lose my fri curios and the only family member I had my mother at any second.Thats when it happened, my mother passed away. She committed suicide. She took an overdose of pills, and to think I was only fourteen when this occurred. That was the moment I had no one in my life. All my family was gone. My mother just could not handle life anymore. She was jobless and we had minuscular income. I had to work after school in a elflike caf, clearing up the place just to earn enough notes to feed us that night. I had to go to school and work at such a young age. Her life became unbearable then gaol (N.B *click your fingers during the performance) she was gone.That was I had the rouse of deciding my future, I had the choice of going b ackwards to live with my father or to stay with a treasure family that had been give for me to live with. I did not want to live with my father because he would oppress me again. I decided to live with a bring up family.My foster father was a colonel in the army so he would ever so be away working with the government. My foster mother was always at home, she would always tell me amazing stories about her husband and how he was luck America. I appreciated the way she looked after me, and having a foster father who you could look up to and respect was for me truly inspirational. He was the father that my existing father could not be. My foster parents encouraged me to follow my dream. I canvass and excelled in my work so that one day I could live my dream as a reality and lead America in to a free and peaceful tomorrow. I have almost execute that and can not begin to examine my gratitude towards the people who raised me into what I am today. Through all of that though I bequ eath never forget my real mother. For her I exit become the most fast(a) man to walk America.Use of MovementFor the opening of the monologue I am going to be positioned near to the corner of the room. I go away slowly walk from the corner towards nub stage at a diagonal. My facial expression should be level and strong with a intimate of vacancy. When delivering the opening I would inhale deeply so that my chest will push outward. Facial expression should state some what pride and middling exultful when speaking.Slowly walking towards the interview for the delivery of the second paragraph. travel upstage in a straight line. Now with a approximately more grimace tone on my face. When speaking I would be apply powerful arm gestures end-to-end the paragraph. The arm gestures are to be what seems to the earshot random, jerky and fast. Ideally when mentioning the facts about my father I would use powerful arm movements.Now I should be walking backwards in a straight line b ut slowly mend delivering this paragraph, I should re daily round to the position at the centre of the stage where I delivered my opening from. My facial expression should be very strong and firm showing my anger but with a certain amount of business organization and concern. Showing anger by frowning at this stage will affect the drama positively. Arm gestures should be made specifically on the phrases blown to pieces and loathed. When speaking I would be looking down reasonably towards the floor.At centre stage before the performance I would have set up a chair specifically for this paragraph. With a strip expression, this paragraph is to be acted out while seated. Having my head in my pass would highlight the emotion with me taking my head out of my hands after each sentence and looking up at the audience.Now, for this section I would stand up for this paragraph. Positioned center stage, with smooth arm gestures moving outwards after every sentence.For the final section of this monologue, I would again come towards the audience in a straight line. Slowly getting juxtaposed with each word and using arm gestures such as clenching my fists throughout the paragraph with tense but sustained movements. Positioned upstage at the center where I would become noticeable to the audience. Then to end I would elaboration with a freeze with my hand placed over my heart, with a politic and strong finish sustained.Use of VoiceThe prologue to the monologue should be started in a very proud and affirmative tone, with particular expression put on the adjectives such as ambitious and strong. The opening should be at a medium pace but at the same time compose and smooth whilst expressing a joyful opening.Now with the second section anticlimax a change in tone should occur. With the emotional content in this part, the tone should change to sad. I would change my junction so it is in a hurried fashion. While sadness is shown at particular principals when concentrat ing on the words footsteps and meagre badinage should be shown. The paragraph should be sharp and at a quite heavy and loud tone but maintaining the emotion at the same time. A protective tone of sound should be adopted when talking about your mother and yourself becoming subjects to violence. When mentioning that you were happy when your father passed away, a glimmer of hatred and evil would affect the piece positively.When speaking here a similar tone should be maintained as the previous section. Here concentrating on how your childhood had burdens. Subsequently expressing your self through exaggeration when talking about being blown to pieces b a nuclear bomb at any moment. With jealousy expressed when using the word loathed.This part of the monologue should be performed in a stuporous tone of voice. Speaking slowly with a twitchy voice after every few words or so. Contrasting the first paragraph drastically. Stressing on the points of your mother dying and having a job and sc hool to consider, using purposely pessimistic tone. With the humorous type of sarcasm when saying click then she was gone. toughness and tone are again contrasted from the last segment of the monologue. Tone should be a significant amount more formal and with signs of things becoming better for you. Fast pace but with optimistic tones present.Pace should be make up for the conclusion with it going from a slow opening to the end to a climactic finish. Contrast again to the last paragraph. Tones of self smell and strongly sustained. Pauses after every sentence should be invoked. A get up up is required for a dramatic remnant. Optimism and varied loudness should be used until the last line. A dramatic impact with the uses of the emotions of pride joy but a hint of sadness. A calm expression of voice near the beginning would aid the build up. With a use of a loud voice at the end of the passage to highlight the end. The ending should not be conflicted with any sarcasm because it wou ld ruin the stage for a grand finish with all of your energy inputted into it.Impact on auditory senseWith the opening I want to project the mood of pride and optimism. The audience should get the sensation of a meaningful and joyous introduction. It should engage the audience in to thinking whether the monologue will be cheerful or gloomy in the simplest of terms. The voice should convey a message that it is an optimistic opening and is filled with happiness. The issue that should raise a question and again make the audience think is where I enter from. Why did I enter from the corner of the room? The reason v=being it has a hidden meaning of despair about it the despair being frank later on during the performance.The contrast should stun the audience. With the sarcasm and cruelty with diction it should make the audience feel pathos for me. The movement towards the audience should show tension. I want to move on the feelings of hatred and anger through my voice so the audience can see that their first possible conceit was wrong. I want to show them the frustration that has been built up in me for years. I am projecting myself to show them that I am unfounded about the past.I want to convey and portray my disquietude. Again a slight contrast to the previous paragraph. Even though fear and jealousy are invoked, at this point I want to try and make the audience feel what I feel all the tension and fear from the war. I could make the audience involved by particular messages and use of body language.The audience should feel my emotion and feel they have disconnected something when they hear my tragic story of losing my mother. I want to portray a grieving relative / family member, but show the fun with the slight sarcasm with the click section. This has a deeper meaning the audience may realise certain sarcasm.The burden upon me of choice should reflect the previous paragraph I want to communicate the idea that still life for me is all hardship.The fi nal paragraph should show the audience that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It shows the variation to them that can be seen throughout the piece. It should make them see that life is a virtue and that not everything is bad. Inspirational things can happen to anyone. The contrast is my manner of acting out and showing to the audience a broader variety of emotions, language and movements. Belief and patriotism is another point I am assay to convey through the use of my language this is shown when talking about my foster father and my dreams to turn America in to a peaceful country. The last line and sustained freeze would make a bold point by giving the piece a climactic finish and effort the audience to really see the provocative emotions used in turn causing the audiences provoked reactions and mixed feelings to the piece. The object of my monologue was to convey numerous messages about voice, movement and dramatic performance in drama.

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