Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Single parenting and the effects it will have on children and they how Annotated Bibliography

Single parenting and the effects it will have on children and they how handle relationships - Annotated Bibliography Example ng child can be difficult, besides the obvious economic hardships there are many psychological effects resulting in depression and behavioral instability. Another reason for increase in number of single parent led families is outside or before marriage births and it is estimated that about 40 percent of the total births in America occur without marriage (Ablow). Research shows that the child subjected to a divorce or living alone with a parent since birth can have low self esteem, rebellious behavior and an overall negativity towards marriage and opposite sex (Coontz). The research takes into consideration a popular sitcom, â€Å"two and a half men† and investigates the core issues the child faces after parental divorce and the influencing factors in his life as well as the nature of relationships the child has with others. It would further compare popular research material based on single parenting recommending practical steps that can be taken to avoid negativity in a child. It shall furthermore explain different parenting styles including authoritative, permissive and authoritarian approaches and propose the most suitable style for such children. The sitcom Two and a Half Men revolves around three main characters; Alan Harper (Father), Charlie Harper (Uncle) and Jake Harper (Child). Alan is a dim wit and weak personality with childhood issues of his own, lives with his brother but has no say in the household matters. He has a tendency to be obnoxious, exhibits vindictive behavior towards her mother and sees his alcoholic brother as an inspiration. Jake is a lethargic child with low self esteem and no real ambitions, after his parent’s divorce he spends time with his mother and father but is more influenced by his father and uncle. He has low intelligence and no concern for personal hygiene but is aware of the norms prevalent in the house; norms set by Charlie. Charlie Harper is an alcoholic and sex addict on a self destructive pattern, a confident and self

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