Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Bio Poem and Character development Dona Sabine Assignment

Bio Poem and Character development Dona Sabine - Assignment Example Her position in society dictated that she hold herself in a certain high manner and treat her workers in a certain way. That was easy for her to do because as a dancer, she had traveled the world and was used to living the high life. However, the fact that she could mask who she truly was by birth could not erase who she truly was. That is what I believe to be the main reason that she tried to protect the Haitians in her care as best as she could. She could never turn her back on her roots and her heritage. To not help the Haitians would have been to do exactly that. Since she only became a member of the Dominican Republic due to the land exchange between the two nations that share the same border, she became a hybrid of the two cultures. Which made her a unique person with a wider sense of understanding about what was happening around her. It is these intricacies in her character and its development that helped me to understand that the massacre was not just about the crimes the Haitians supposedly committed upon the Dominicans. It was all about social cleansing. Which led me to understand the story even more because there is not a person alive who does not know that World War II was all about Hitler committing legalized genocide in Germany. Which is what happened in the Dominican Republic at the time that was set in the book as

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