Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Integrated Marketing Communications in Apple Inc Essay

Integrated Marketing Communications in Apple Inc - Essay Example Upon mentioning Apple, what come into people’s mind are their simplified campaigns of advertising that portray their products as exceptional. They apply their advertising in many mediums such as email, the web, television, billboards, and print ads that when combined have been highly successful in both marketing the new version of their new product but above all the new â€Å"smart cover† as an essential accessory. Apple’s public relations department is doing an excellent job at creating positive image for their newest product as both a business product and a family friendly product. The company integrates diverse mediums of communicating with their prospects by targeting appealing marketing concepts. Most of its advertisements involve children using the product, family members connecting via Face time, or a possible kid-friendly application. Agreeably, all these integrated marketing communication methods are creating a positive image for Apple.Because Apple†™s products are appealing, their newest product is receiving tremendous public attention due to its frequent media use. In addition, people are using it on television on news broadcasts and even by some prominent people as a display tool. In the world of promotions, Apple rarely partakes in any but, recent news has it that Best Buy is reserving Apple’s newest product for an upcoming promotion. This means that when a company increase the number of marketing channels in its strategy, it is more likely to reach more and new people. Hence, using a number of combined efforts to reach and communicate with your audience is the most effective in the current marketplace (Pride and Freel, 2006:316-17). However, it is worth noting that, it is crucial to use a technique like this especially during economic recovery. With reference to a research carried out

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