Thursday, August 8, 2019

Great Style and Clarity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Great Style and Clarity - Essay Example g philosopher, thereby enabling the reader to accept his point of view, which otherwise may have been difficult, since it amounts to an accusation of the reader of barbaric impulses. Such a method of explication is suited to any exploration of the mind and any psychoanalytic reading of a phenomenon, since it has the potential to disturb the mind of the reader. While this in itself is not harmful, it may dull the analytic abilities of the reader. This may cause the writer to fail in conveying the message that he had taken upon himself to discuss in his paper. King’s ability to sustain a conversational style throughout his paper enables him to hold the interest of the reader till the very end of the essay. The end of the essay, however, reminds the reader that what the paper requires thought, rather than casual reading. The flourish at the end, which reminds the reader of the need to â€Å"keep the gators fed†, reminds the reader of the parts of the mind that he is not conscious of (King). King, thus, is able to weave into his narrative the very structure of the horror movie that he writes about and this enables the paper itself to have an eerie quality to

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