Saturday, June 1, 2019

Jesus and Socrates Would Have Difficulty Surviving in America’s Public

Those at the plinth of the socioeconomic hierarchy face both structural constraints and functional impediments, specially people of color. The structural constraints imply socio-historical position of servitude, racial segregation and discrimination, ghettoization, distorted unemployment rates, and inferior health care funneled by deplorable fosterage. The behavioral impediments on upward mobility connote the dwindling of the Protestant ethic an angle taken by Booker T. Washington and many other black Americans. Nonetheless, both categories can be marked as systematic obstacles. In my research paper, I focus on all components of the aforementioned dilemmas, particularly that pertaining to the black or minority sustain in the American public education system. In doing so, I will prove that there is no reform or positive revision in Americas public education system. All of the previous listed problems are representative of a vicious cycle born from the lack of quality educat ion moreover, when discussing poor education in America, we are directly speaking to the educational crises of poor colored people distinctively, blacks and Latinos. To put it clearly, the crux is K-12 public education in America is nowhere near as good as it should be, and it is predominantly the poor who bear the brunt of educational shortcomings.Chiefly, we ought to acknowledge that structures and functional dilemmas are inseparable, that institutions and values coexist as a dyadic function. Minorities are more prone to attend high-poverty schools that is, public schools where greater than seventy-five percent of students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, and are less likely to graduate from high school and subsequently atten... ...nt How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything. New York Penguin Group USA, 2009. Print.Robinson, Ken. Out of Our Minds Learning to Be Creative. Oxford Capstone, 2001. Print.The Schott world - 50 State Black Boys Report. The Sc hott Foundation - 50 State Black Boys Report. Web. 07 whitethorn 2012. .Smith, Dane, and Shawn Lewis. African American Boys Too Important to Fai http// 23 Sept. 2011. Web. 7 May 2012.Washington, Harriet A. Medical Apartheid The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial times to the Present. New York Anchor, 2008. Print.West, Cornel. Race Matters. Boston Beacon, 1993. Print.Whitman, Mark. Removing a Badge of bondage The Record of Brown v. Board of Education. Princeton, NJ Markus Wiener Pub. 1993. Print.

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