Thursday, May 23, 2019


Douglas M. Stillwell Vice President, Human Resources Memorial wellness Center Stockton F wholes, Ohio 43210Dear Mr. StillwellPlease accept my finishing for the Assistant Administrator position that appe bed in this months ACHE Job Bank. Recently I served as an Administrator in Training for Marion home base Health Care Center (add where that is). As my attached resume describes, I growed with that organization from October 2005 to October 2006.I am prepared to assume the greater management challenges at a larger health care facility like yours. My experience during my association with Marion House Health Care Center, included planning, implementing and evaluating many of the facilitys programs and activities. I reported my observations and activities to my direct supervisor, the facility administrator.Two of my academic courses proved especially useful while I served as administrator in training. The HSA 571 checkup Informatics Masters course gave me the knowledge and skills neces sary to participate in planning, implementing, managing, and evaluating health care information systems for the facility. HSA 685 Special Topics Quality & Cost & Consumer Issues in Health Care Masters course helped me develop a better awareness of the concepts and emerging issues in quality, cost containment and the growth of consumerism in health care.Thank you for all your beat and consideration. Your listed position offers an ideal fit with my professional background and career goals. I would appreciate an opportunity to interview for the position. I will telephone at the end of the week to discuss this opportunity further.Sincerely,Tejesh Patel, MHSALetterI require already uploaded our family pictures on our new Website. Practically took the time segregating and scanning the images by foliate and by year. I was also thinking about your move to run as Governor while browsing the site. There are good things and swingeing things associated with its duties and responsibilities b ut I firmly feel in my heart that you can overcome all the bad things that come with the position especially during the campaign. I acquire reared you to be a brave man of honor. Run as you see fit and serve your country, your countrymen and our idol well.Always remember to practice accountability. Make it your individualized policy to keep a detailed statement of your expenditures. When your separate accounting software is ready I can guarantee you my full support in tracking and monitoring expenditures, people and results. You need to personally check the flow of your transactions, money and the results to avoid sabotage. Keep your antennae out for information to safeguard your integrity in carrying out public duties. It is of all time a good thing to be transparent and honest. Treat your friends and your opponents with tact and notice. Always perform deliberate acts of kindness.Loyalty is never paid. Loyalty is being given out of deep respect for you as a person, of your vis ion and hard works. Never rely on loyalty that does non last long. You do not aspire to win for fame. Your goal is to win to help people. Ask respected higher ups for counsel periodically and spend time alone to think before you make any decision.A council is good but you are to pray for guidance from the most High One alone. God shall lead you as to how to perform your duties and how to help your people. Your basic strategy is to aim to do good, serve with compassion and do your works with passion. Make sure everyone knows you did the work by maintaining press releases, emails to higher ups and newsletters from your office. People have the right to be informed of how things are being run and you have every right to admit the good works that you have done.We are not to be silent with politics attacks on good works. But you are to be silent on politics attacks and smear campaigns on personal issues. We want to let you know that we can be silent with all the anticipated negative cam paigns directed to us and to you. A man who damages the reputation of another man is a man that cannot be trusted. Remember my son to be careful not to do that in your political campaign no matter how tempting. Always be transparent and deal with the issues in an objective way. You are a man, be always a man. Friends come and go so choose well.Listen with your heart and not your ears. Choose the ones that will serve you with great dedication and loyalty. Real friendships are hard to find. Feel their honesty and seek for their commitment through good works. The most effective way to conquer the hearts of your people and conquer the respect of your opponents is by beating your opponents through good works.You are an open target to an open world. You are to protect yourself and your people as long as you can. You have your mission from God, you have work to do and well always be here to wait for you to come home when you fail and feel like life seems to spin around down to keep you co mpany. I will not ask any questions for any failure you may encounter. I am your mother who will always keep you in my heart and love you forever as my child. God speed my son. Do what you have to do for the love of God.Loving you always,Your mother

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