Saturday, April 20, 2019

Resume Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Resume - Research Paper mannikinEmployers do non enjoy reading sorbs that ar more than two pages long. In fact, in fix upion oer one page is oftentimes ignored (How to write a resume 2011). To keep your interviewers interest, a short, sharp and direct-to-the point resume is best recommended.Such is why the Chronological Resume is considered to be the just about popular type of resume ( 2011). In a Chronological Resume, the applicant lists down his job welcome and educational background in reverse chronological order, with the most recent being on overtake of the list. Employers are typically interested in what latest venture an applicant was into. In a study, this format was found to be preferred by 80-85% among surveyed Corporate Human Resources professionals ( 2011). The Chronological resume is best apply when presenting an organized career history, with no gaps or indication of a major career change. Employers often penury exa ct employment data for reference, and this format is best suited for this purpose.Another type of resume is the functional Resume, which highlights ones skills more than his list of accomplishments. The aim of a Functional Resume is to group ones skills and experiences by types of functions ( 2011). This type is not commonly used as it works best for individuals with a poor career history, but has a good set of noteworthy skills. This type can effectively obscure ones work history as it highlights what you can do, without really elaborating on how the skills were acquired. As a result, this type is less favored by employers and was in fact cited to be among employers top 10 pet peeves according to (Recruiters Top 10 resume pet peeves 2011). Employers prefer looking at Chronological Resumes for better evaluation of skills and potentials of its applicants. Interviewers tend to believe that applicants are actually hiding information on

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