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Operations and Logistics Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 words

Operations and Logistics Management - Essay ExampleSupply cosmic string gap analysis is explained in the essay to analyse the problems faced by Tesco regarding SCM. The operational issues and the business functions of Tesco are evaluated throughout the essay with regard to supply chain. It has been consequently observed from the essay that the effectiveness of the business largely depends on a strong SCM along with the productive relationship amid the partners.The businesses around the world are inclined towards fortify their supply chain management (SCM) in order to attain greater competitive traction. Supply chain is the cohesive activity that brings not only the product in the market place but similarly generates satisfied customers. SCM domain covers a wide range of activities in the functional area. In other words, SCM includes each(prenominal) the activities that are associated from the procurement of the raw materials to the production and transportation of the finished g ood to the end customer. The business in order to be effective and successful in the marketplace uses the SCM model to eliminate the wastage of time and attack with the aim to deliver he finished goods in timely manner to the end customers. The major premiss behind incorporation of SCM model is based on the belief that the sooner the products reach the customer the gross sales of the business will increase. The supply chain includes various channels such as the manufacturing, operational, transportation, warehousing and accordingly physical distribution of the products. Supply chain is established by the company to create value for the stakeholders by providing required value to customer in the right time at the right place. In this regard, it rear end be stated that Tesco is effective in the market with wide customer base due to its scummy price products which has materialised primarily owing to its strong SCM (Beamon, 1998). Tesco Plc is one of the leading global retailers w ith various retail stores overhaul millions of

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