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What Brought on the Financial Crisis of 2008 - 737 Words

There are many different views as to what brought on the financial crisis of 2008. One of these views are that of global imbalances. On the one hand, the United States have an extremely large current account deficit. On the other, there are countries, especially oil-exporting economies and China in particular, with large current account surpluses. The concept of global or external imbalances is often seen as a synonym for this situation. The definition of global imbalances is often vague. There is not one clear definition as it tends to oscillate between different views and can thus be defined in a number of ways. Chinn M.D (2013:68) interprets it as relating to international relationships, which include the private financial account, the current account, or official reserves transactions. Though global imbalances are usually associated with the current account, Chinn specifies that it does not necessarily refer to the current account but actually the rather large degree of the current account balances in absolute values. According to Bracke, et al., (2008:12), global imbalances can be defined as â€Å"External positions of systemically important economies that reflect distortions or entail risks for the global economy.† This definition is then broken up to explain the concept in more detail. According to Bracke, et al., (2008:12), the â€Å"external positions† refer to both the current account balances as well as the financial positions. â€Å"Systemically important economies† refer toShow MoreRelatedLehman Brothers Case Study1703 Words   |  7 Pagesthe United States was the 2008 Lehman Brother’s case. A numerous amount of the general public lost their employment, while investors lost their money during this crisis. By the Lehman Brothers commercial real estate investments failing, they were not able to efficiently finance its operations. This was all because of the 2008 commercial mortgage financial disaster. In this research, I will use Assignments 1 research as the f oundation to explain how the Lehman Brother crisis affects business, to giveRead MoreThe Courage Of Act Memoir Is Essential Reading For People Who Wants You Know What Happened At Federal Open844 Words   |  4 PagesThe Courage to Act memoir is essential reading for people who wants to know what happened at Federal Open Market Committee meeting on Aug. 5, 2008. It invokes comparisons to the Great Depression and at the same time suggests that Shucks, it was not all that great, was not a depression or anything (Bernanke). But Bernanke is persuasive in arguing that it was pretty damned high i.e. terrible and he and his members at the Fed deserve credit for the fact that it wasn t a heck of a lot greater. BernankeRead MoreThe Financial Crisis Is Considered By Many People As One Of The Worst Recession Since The Great Depression Essay1530 Words   |  7 PagesThe 2008 Financial Crisis is considered by many people as one of the worst recession since the Great Depression that occurred fr om 1929-1939. The loss for that week was an astounding $30 billion. This was ten times more than the annual federal budget and far more than the U.S. had spent in WWI (30B dollars would be equivalent to $377,587,032,770.41 today). Additionally after posing a huge effect on the U.S economy, the financial crisis expanded to Europe and the rest of the world. It brought downRead MoreThe Financial Crisis Of 2007-2008928 Words   |  4 PagesDefine: Introduction The Financial Crisis of 2007-2008 was considered to be the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression in the decade preceding World War II. The Global Financial Crisis threatened large range of the financial organizations. Although the central banks and other banks were trying to keep away from the crisis, the stock market still suffered a huge decline internationally. Other than the global stock market, the house market was also influenced greatly, causing the unemploymentRead MoreFinancial Crisis After The Great Depression1229 Words   |  5 Pages2008 Financial Crisis Not since the great depression was there such a devastating economic crisis as the 2008 financial crisis. A crisis rooted from the burst of the housing bubble in the U.S. thus leading to the government being brought down, ruined economies, crumbled financial corporations and impoverish lives of numerous individuals. As reported in McClean and Nocera’s All the Devils Are Here: The Hidden History of the Financial Crisis, â€Å"the seeds of [the] financial disaster were sown more thanRead MoreDeterminants Of The Crisis Of Colander s A Manifesto For Economic Sense1439 Words   |  6 Pagesnumerous determinants that resulted in the Financial Crisis of 2008, wage stagnation for the majority of Americans and increasing income inequality are among the most influential. The housing bubble that was fueled by subprime lending and indebtedness was a subsequent result of these two determinants. This essay will analyze the two factors (income inequality and wage stagnation) that contributed to the onset of the crisis, factors that are prolonging the crisis--expressed from the position of Colander’sRead MoreThe Economic Crisis Of The United States1680 Words   |  7 Pages Although the global economic crisis in 2008 occurred in many countries around the world, it was originally initiated by the United States of America. Being as though the United States is one of the world s most hegemonies countries after its economy suffered from an immense downturn many smaller countries were affected, most specifically the Caribbean. Many countries within the Caribbean were affected greatly by the recession due to the fact that most of their gross domestic product comes fromRead MoreGlobal Financial Crisis : The Fall Of Lehman Brothers1250 Words   |  5 PagesBrothers in 2008 as the major factor for the economic downturns leading to the Global Financial Crisis, or 2008 financial crisis, proves this point. Started from the irresponsible handling of mortgages of consumers, the prices of houses in America sank. Interest rates fell while capital ratios became lax. It was a case of impending Great Depression. Given its role of lending funds and providing technical assistance, IMF extended its help to adversely affected countries of the 2008 financial crisis. WhenRead MoreFinancial Crisis : The Fiscal Crisis1355 Words   |  6 Pagessecond week of October in 2008 was the worst week for stock market during 75 years, Buckley (2011) state that the worst record was the Dow Jones Industrial Averages dropped 22.1%, but it fell 44.3% then. In general, a financial crisis is not an accident; it may take several years and has complex and interlaced causes (Claessens and Kodres, 2014). The 2007-08 global financial crisis is a typical case due to long-term non-intervention policy and loose regulation for financial market from government.Read MoreThe Wall Street Meltdown1627 Words   |  6 PagesThe Wall Street Meltdown The Meltdown is a PBS special on the events of the financial crisis of 2008, in a timeline format, revealing the thinking behind decisions made during the fateful months before the stock market crash in August of that year. Some financial gurus on Wall Street devised a plan to bundle several mortgages together into a group, and then selling that bundle to another group of investors looking to invest in securities. The lender did not need to earn money from the loans he

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