Thursday, October 17, 2019

Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group, Ltd. Case Study

Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group, Ltd. - Case Study Example It is the leadership policies that facilities to identify the capabilities of each and every leader’s leadership style. The leadership styles are mainly adopted in order to meet the goals and the objectives of the organization. The basic leadership styles that a leader might follow are autocratic, bureaucratic, laissez-faire and democratic (Sage Publication, 2012). It has been evident from the case study that Sir Richard Branson is one of the most effective and prominent leaders. Out of the various leadership styles that have been demonstrated above in terms of authentic leadership style, expert power as well as referent power, Sir Richard Branson seems to be practicing laissez-faire leadership style. He believes in doing things in an innovative way so that the customers can be fascinated with the brand. He believes in working with people whom he knows and can trust. Sir Richard Branson values his employees and thus involves them in the process of decision making. He believes in autonomy of choice for the employees thereby leaving them alone so that the employees are capable of doing what they want to do. It has been quite apparent from the case study that Sir Richard Branson possesses innate leadership qualities. He has been found to make use of natural capabilities as well as skills. He believes in the fact that the employees need to be valued and their opinions need to be sought in order to make the company grow bigger. It is a well known fact that the authentic leaders learn from their mistakes and their failures that occurred in the past. Whenever Sir Richard Branson experiences any sort of setbacks, he always picks himself up and tries again. He prepares himself to have another attempt at certain unfulfilled aspects with the knowledge or learning that he has gathered from the failures in the past. Authentic leaders tend to gain encouragement from their own lives (University of Technology Sydney, 2012). He has been quite motivated by his mother who revealed the fact that one must not look back in regret but must move to the next thing. It can be mentioned that an authentic leader is someone who is not afraid of confessing his/her faults. He/she therefore makes an attempt in order to overcome his/her drawbacks. From the case study, it has been recognized that Sir Richard Branson also practices expert as well as referent powers. Sir Richard Branson seems to possess the necessary skills as well as knowledge which can be utilized by someone else (Martin, 1978). He has the capability to impact others’ behavior because of the recognized competencies, specialized knowledge as well as talents. It has been apparent that Sir Richard Branson possesses the power of holding the capability to manage other persons’ feelings related to personal recognition (Nwlink, 2012). According to Sir Richard Branson, the correct pecking order in an organization is employees first, customers next and shareholders at the end. This perception demonstrates how much importance his company places on the employees. It can be mentioned that Sir Richard Branson’s leadership style has been quite effective for Virgin Group Limited. He has been capable of taking the company to great heights and to be recognized as among the most famous brands in the world. Most of

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