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Critically evaluate the idea that work is both a moral category and an Essay

Critically evaluate the idea that work is both a moral category and an economic category in capitalism - Essay Example The firms and individuals in capitalism also have the right of purchasing and selling labor without any government control. The market is equally a commercial society that is characterized by equilibrium or the balance between demand and supply. Another characteristic of capitalism is the balance between the jobs available in the economy and the population (Ito?, 1988 p. 4). Work as a Social category in Capitalism Work as a social category in capitalism is explicable using the theory of Capitalism as developed by Marx. In this theory, Marx states that the society is responsible for producing merchandise and services to the market. The division of labor characterizes the production process of the goods and services. As mentioned earlier, commercial society focuses on the social division of labor and the exchange of the commodities (Ito?, 1988 p.13). In capitalism, labor power is a commodity that is responsible for giving the economic structure an original appearance. Through the excha nge, a social connection is established between the different producers of the market commodities. As a means of fabricating a large amount of products that are required to satisfy the demands of customers on the market, a significant amount of social labor is required. This means that social labor needs distribution in the market or the economy. Another characteristic of Capitalism is the ethical shopping that humanizes the activities involved in capitalism. There exist inequalities in the socio-economic capital as well as proceeds in the free market. Ethical shopping ensures that the inequality in the free market is reducible by reconciling the respect of human rights. In capitalism, the effects of the consumer choices about the workers who are responsible for providing goods and services are evident (Dine, 2006 p. 139). The Basis of Morals in Capitalism Capitalism is a moral system that exists socially based on varied reasons. First, the producers’ freedom is highly respec ted in the free market and, the individuals or firms have the rights of setting their own goals. Due to the fall of communism, capitalism is adopted by many nations with the aim of promoting growth and prosperity of their economies. It is recognizable as the only economic system that is practical. However, the state is gaining control of the free market because no firm or individual has been ready or willing to defend capitalism based on moral. As a means of maintaining high morals, the government as well as the individuals in the free market had an agreement where the government’s role was to play part in ensuring the existence of high levels of morals in the market. Following the agreement, capitalism has continued to encourage virtues that are essential in human life (Tracinski, 2002 p. 1). As mentioned earlier, Capitalism ensures that the independent mind of individuals is safeguarded at all times. Additionally, capitalism facilitates the recognition of an individual†™s sanctity. The producers and creators should make sure that they produce products that will improve or sustain the human life. For

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