Sunday, September 8, 2019

'To what extent is the study of the self relevant to social care work' Essay

'To what extent is the study of the self relevant to social care work' - Essay Example These three are the core pillars that a person should always put into consideration in establishing an effective community involvement. The importance of knowing the reflexive consciousness aspect is that it covers self awareness, self knowledge and self esteem. These three creates a doorway for a person to see the outline of his personal being before engaging into inter-personal activity like social work. First self awareness and self knowledge provides a person a clear blue print of his strengths and weaknesses that as a result, provides a strong self conceptualization. The main goal here is for self enhancement which is very important to achieve self esteem whenever a person will engage in a social work. Confident to relate with other can be acquired if a person knows that he will be effective enough to handle social situations. It is a matter of getting into the public, so a person’s knowledge of his â€Å"self† creates a path or direction on how to bridge to the public. The next thing that follows in understanding self is the interpersonal and social capabilities that are achieved in effectively knowing your â€Å"self†. At this point, what is important is to how you can cater with the social world. This is dealing with other people, so self enhancement will now come from the feed back that a person could get from the people. This is a matter of presenting â€Å"self† to the society which is the core rule of social and interpersonal being. In developing social and interpersonal skill, a person will be guided by the concept of knowing what the society and culture of the society wants, thus gathering impressions from the social world. Competence in dealing with others is on the basis of the impression management which is an external factor. At the end, the most important part which establishes the relationship between self and social work is when a person will be doing his function as social care agent which requires self

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