Friday, August 23, 2019

Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 4

Project Management - Essay Example On the website, a Software Project Manager is defined as a person with "the role with total responsibility for all the software activities for a project (CSCI). The Software Project Manager is the individual the Program Manager deals with in terms of software commitments and who controls all the software resources for a project. The Software Project Manager may have the responsibility for multiple software projects." (, 2006) By understanding what the project management position being advertised is in relation to the definitions of what that job is ensures that both the advertiser and the applicant are under the same understanding of what both are looking for. Sometimes the jobs that are being advertised are vague with respect to what the job scope is and many times this is done for a reason Many of the job advertisements reviewed from both online newspapers (Times) and internet searches were indeed different in what they wanted applicants to see. The different scopes of the descriptions tend to either be too vague and the job description is meant to either weed out those who the company does not want to have apply, or, keep their true job requirements a closely guarded secret. One of the many tactics that employers tend to do is to ensure that competitors are not finding out what the job is in entirety, especially if they are not going through a placement agency, to ensure they do not phish for information about future projects. As many employers look to recruitment agencies to find their next employees, one of the problems that come from that route is that the agencies do not provide complete details about the job as they want a face to face interview before the applicant even goes before the customer. The job of the recruitment agent is to ensure that the customer is in fact getting the right candidate for the job, and, for the position of a project manager the customer can ill-afford the trouble of interviewing substandard applicants. Advertised Positions for Project Manager - Good and Bad The search for this type of position was actually quite easy and circumspect in what the different employers classified as a project manager, as it would appear many of them leaned more to a Directorship position. In one advertisement for a web project manager through a recruitment agency, the position called for Detailed understanding of web projects & implementation methodologies; An understanding of commercial and account strategies with the ability to tailor implementation and wider delivery processes to meet stakeholder requirements; General knowledge of HTML, design/graphic production software packages (e.g. PhotoShop, Dreamweaver) and familiarity with other web technologies Understanding of web development and design tools; Appreciation of other web technologies; Ability to lead cross-functional team of designers, developers and other staff; Client management skills for project reporting, conflict management and general engagement; Strong project estimating skills; Strong project planning and project management abilities with skills in

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