Monday, August 26, 2019

Analysing legal issue on Gun Control in Canada Essay

Analysing legal issue on Gun Control in Canada - Essay Example 2 An audit by the Auditor General of Canada in 2002 further showed that the Department of Justice estimated the cost of the gun registry program would rise significantly by 2004-2005, costing more than $1 billion while gun registration fees amounted to about $140 million in fees, 2 though no significant benefit of the gun control program is recognized. According to John Lott and Eli Lehrer since the start of the new gun control program, crime rate in Canada has increased.3 The Canadian government also recently admitted it could not identify a single violent crime that had been solved through the process.3 Canadian Alliance Party critic Gary Breitkreuz says the current firearms law should emphasize on harsher punishment for those who use weapons in the commission of a crime.2 Bob Runciman called for the program to be put on hold while describing it as a waste of taxpayers' money.2 The Justice Department's statistics that claim Firearms Act and gun registrations are on the increase are irrelevant, since criminals don't sign up for licenses. From statistics compiled from the registration program it is clear that even though rural Canada has by far the majority of firearms, it still recorded the least amount of crimi

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