Friday, July 19, 2019

Brainstem Injuries and the Neuropsychologist Essay -- Neuropsychology

Brainstem Injuries and the Neuropsychologist The Neuropsychologist plays an essential function in assessment and rehabilitation after an injury to the head. Neuropsychologists essentially bear responsibility for testing and tracking the patients thinking ability. Below are key functions provided by clinical neuropsychologists: - Carrying out detailed assessments of cognition, emotion, behavior, and social competence; - Devising and implementing training programs; - Liaising with educational agencies/ employers to advise on the resumption of educational/ vocational life; - Advising on the management cognitive deficits/ disabilities; - Advising and providing long term care; - Providing psychotherapeutic input to address the emotional impact of injury and disabilities; - Facilitating personal, family, and social adjustment (Halligan 2003). A screening for a neuropsychological evaluation should be done as soon as possible after an injury to the brain or in this case, brainstem. A comprehensive evaluation is necessary if complaints and or problems persist. In most cases, an evaluation is performed biannually for the first two years, and as necessary, depending on the subjectivity of the patients status. An exam by the neuropsychologist typically involves a wide variety of tasks, most of which are done sitting at a table or at bedside in a hospital (, 2002). The examination is non-invasive, and usually is not painful. The evaluation often takes 6 to 8 hours of face-to-face contact, but can vary widely depending on what information is being sought (, 2002). Test results are used, depending o... ...y 1, 2005 from http// /resources_interface_frameset.html. University of Florida (2005). Medical Informatics: Introduction to Clinical Neurology. Retrieved May 1, 2005 from Joseph Landolfi (2005). Brainstem Gliomas. Retrieved May 1, 2005 from Spencer, Rick (2005). Brain Injury 101. Retrieved May 1, 2005 from Theodosopoulos, Philip; Burton, Lisa; Wagner, Becky; Splitt, Nancee (2005). Retrieved May 1, 2005 from Reiter, Jamie (2003). Journey Toward Recovery: A Brain Injury Guide For Families. Retrieved May 1, 2005 from

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