Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Police Brutality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Police Brutality - Essay ExampleFor some police officers, this indiscriminating use of power comes in the form of police brutality.The notion of police brutality captivates and terrifies the public. Police officers assume a position of high power in society in many ways. They be trusted to use their skill and judgment to subdue dangerous criminals, but not to harm them any more than than is necessary to get them into the subdued state. It is a tremendous challenge for any human to regulate their emotions and actions in such volatile circumstances, but that is what police are asked to do. When they fail, the result is often a crossing of the line and the use of brutal conduct toward citizens.How does our own thinking affect police brutality? Do the notions held by police and the public shape or influence the forms police brutality takes? A review of criminal justice literature suggests that researchers are much pertain with these questions. My review focused on police brutality an d group bias, the effect of police brutality on public opinion, and the code of silence used by many officers to protect others who have committed acts of brutality. Ultimately, these three topics are highly connected with each other and with notions of appropriate conduct by those in authority.Do police officers show up at certain neighborhoods with a greater willingness to use quarter? Lersch, Bazley, Mieczkowski, and Childs (2008) worked to identify links between the use of police force and specific neighborhood characteristics. Their research question attempted to link specific characteristics of different residential areas with a likelihood of police use of force.The researchers examined a municipal police department in the American South for a full year. They used the departments own Use of Force reports to gather data. They besides used crime tract and census data to study factors such as race and ethnicity, composition of family,

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