Monday, June 17, 2019

How did the physicians and the literate lay people in the 18th century Essay

How did the physicians and the literate lay people in the 18th century explain indisposition and what did they think were the roles of doctor, the individual, and the state in responding to and preventing it - leaven ExampleThe state had not been involved previously in the maintenance of health and health related issues but many writings and works light-emitting diode to the initiation of the intervention of the government in these issues. This century could not be considered as an era of great medical development because it did not reach truly close to the actual concept and meaning of medical practice. But the advances and progression in this regard was great enough as compared to the previous centuries.The concept of disease was previously considered to be the problems encountered by a patient. It was the presentation of the symptoms and signs by the patient which laid the basis for the explanation of the disease. This practice was very much common process the start of the eig hteenth century. This is clearly presented by an example which was put ship by Alexander Morgan who was a surgeon in Bristol. He put forward a case which he encountered with a patient in 1744 when the patient presented him with his problems. This was the period when the doctor was not the person solely governing the pathology with which the patient was excruciation and the prescribed medications. It was rather the doctor and the patient who discussed the problems together and reached to a conclusion regarding the discourse to be prescribed to the patient. It is said that during this time it was actually the patient who command the right to reach to a conclusion regarding his problem and medicine and practice basically lay in the hands of the sufferer. During this time patients explained the reasons for their diseases. They could actually stand against the treatment given to them by the doctor. The reasons explained for illnesses ranged from sudden changes in temperature to the c urse of god. Not only were there vague reasons for diseases but treatments were also of a similar range.By the core of the eighteenth century certain changes to these concepts were noticed. Hospitals were created by this time. And the other

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