Saturday, June 15, 2019

How are Night Vision Devices Beneficial to Society Research Paper

How are Night Vision Devices Beneficial to Society - Research Paper ExampleThis essay stresses that one of the filed that has solely relied in these devices is the military. armament has benefited on this technology close to a century. This has enabled them to perform most of their vital operations in the darkness.This paper declares that before the development of this technology the military carried give away their main operations during the day. This technology of night mountain devices was markedly enhanced with the advent of World War II. At this period, both Germany and Britain developed a canonic infrared sniper. However, few of these innovations were intentd during this reign. This is because this basic apparatus only assisted in offering a perimeter defense. Additionally, they were extremely heavy and required perpetual replenishing of power. This reduced their effectiveness and worth during this period. However, these challenges experienced at this time helped in devel opment of improved technological materials. This led to the development of an advanced night vision technology. Most of the military leaders saw the usefulness of such technology beyond just operating under the cover of darkness. This potential existed in the use of night vision goggles, helmets and weapons that was to help armies operate effectively under the cover of darkness. This meant that there was to be an improvement that would ensure there was no need of IR searchlight. This would ensure that the enemy could not detect the position of the soldier. (Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate, n.d.). T

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