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Discussion on C.P.Ellis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Discussion on C.P.Ellis - Essay ExampleLater on in the passage, C.P realized that, people are not do up of their color and was even ready to work with a black woman (Lecture notes 8). This passage makes an individual to look at the factors that made him join the Ku Klux Klan. It also makes individuals understand why others have prejudice or become racist against other of people. This passage makes one understand that, the main causes of prejudices are psychological, and these includes frustration, junior-grade self-esteem, and a societal cause such as financial competition. These factors provide an explanation C.P. Ellis racial behavior. From these few descriptions, I agree with the C.P. Ellis, and the question that comes into my mind is that, why is racial discrimination and prejudices so persistent yet researchers know their roots?It is also ironical that Ellis wish for success not only directed him to Klansman but also model him. Furthermore while in the gathering he discove red that the African people where ordinary people (596). Furthermore, the society also had white people from low-income group just like the black low-income people. The story provides a description of how he works with Ann on the assigned project. From the teamwork, Ellis discovered that he was doing something very important. Through his work, he got rid of inferiority complex. It is clear from the passage that inferiority complex can affect an individuals self-esteem (596). It can either incite psyche to have prejudices, or make someone not to have prejudices.Ellis frustrations were because of his poverty and he was not in a position to get out of the low c lass group of people, so he thought that by joining the Klansmen he would achieve the American dream. In fact, from the story we are told he even blames the black niggers for his economic situation. He says that If they did not have negroes in their schools, then they would not be having financial problems (596). He also adds

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