Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Summary & Strong Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Summary & Strong Response - Essay ExampleIt is likewise a fact that parents force their children to win in order to realize their ambitions to win. While it is important to live with competitive skills in adult life, parents decrease the quality of childhood experiences. Statsky states that sport games are very discriminating and they do not let any children to participate. The fear of failure is supported by this selectiveness as all children become afraid of being worse than others. Finally, the author suggests that it is better to focus on skills to cooperate with other children until children are psychologically ready to compete.The article by Statsky touches upon very important issues, which exemplify how parents contribute their children modernize up too quickly. Pieces of evidence she provides draw a comprehensive picture where childhood seems to different from what it should be. When a 7-year old boy makes himself vomit, children hit all(prenominal) other or fear to lose the game, it means that something is leaving wrong with sport activities they join. Basically, children are forced to compete instead of enjoying the process of playing and communicating with each other.Young children learn to meet the demands established by adults to master their performance in sports. Children have to gift the ugly reality where the winner takes it all and it often makes them suffer. They need to show that they are the best to make their parents feel proud of them or demand rewards for their achievements. At the same time, they have to stand the fear and the accent after the communication with their coaches, which is not always friendly. Even though Statsky mentions that Little League coaches have to appear psychology workshops to regulate their ambitions and be more sensitive to children, the reality shows that they do not rush to postdate those guidelines. In most Hollywood movies about sport competitions, coaches are depicted as irritated, shouting and unforgiving people.

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