Monday, May 20, 2019

Mhp Nursing Shared Governance Essay

What is overlap close Making Point of Service conclusion Making where round who perform the work participate in decision making affec canisterg their milieu A 30 year old decision making model meant to give equal enunciate to nurses A decentralized style of management that creates an environment of empowerment shared ratiocination Making A Journey Not a DestinationWeTOTheyWhy Shared Decision Making Essential to achieving the better patient outcomes by giving nurses control of their serve they know best Recognizes the power already record in a role and allows that power to be expressed legitimately Builds autonomy into the professionShared Decision Making The ProcessA dynamic process that is centered on 4 hypercritical principles of fully empowered organizations Partnership Accountability Equity OwnershipOperational Definitions Partnership nursing module and leadership work together at the unit and system level to move apply former and achieve the best outcomes Accountability staff and managers share ownership for the outcomes of our work and are answerable to our colleagues, the validation and the community we serveOperational Definitions Equity Integrating roles to achieve outcomes everyone contributes withinthe scope of their role as part of the team Ownership Everyone must realize that success is linked to how well they do their jobsShared Decision Making Our Model maestro Advancement Council Administrative Council resort FirstCrd ooinating theatrical role & Safety CouncilCouncil unitPatient inquiry & Evidence Based Nursing lend oneself CouncilGreat Place to Work pro maintain CouncilFamilyCommunityClinical ExcellenceCouncilsCoo facts of life CouncilrdinatingCouncilThink of yourself as a PatientAPN CouncilResearch CouncilFinancial StrengthCCHS Shared Decision Making Councils Quality & Safety Council Research & Evidence Based Nursing put on Council Education Council Professional Nurse Council Coordinating CouncilEducation Co uncil Collaborates with unit and system councils to notice educational needs, develop educational priorities with discriminate time lines and determine resources for all education impacting the Department of Patient Care Services Disseminates approved educational strategies to unit leaders and support staff Develops and maintains a chat network between unitand systems councilsResearch & Evidence Based Nursing Practice Council Promotes the spirit of inquiry in clinical nursing practice Evaluates the literature in order to use best practices to transform clinical practice at the point-of- doQuality & Safety Council Provides figurened, systematic and collaborative approaches to oversee and direct quality and safety relating to the nursing process, functions and services provided. The councils scope includes executing improvement and safety measures throughout the Department of Patient Care ServicesProfessional Nurse Council Works to enhance the superior image of nursing withi n CCHS and the community Supports the spirit of the professional advancement program Identifies and supports implementation of recruitment and retention strategiesCoordinating Council Provides overall coordination of the systems councils. Reviews the system strategic plan and adopts the plan for the Department of Patient Care Services and the nursing Shared Decision Making structure. Serves as the portal for other departments or disciplines requiring assistance with the Shared Decision Making structure of nursing. line of work resolution The Old Way Problem identified by staff and communicated to manager Manager may or may not have asked for feedback about solutions Manager made closing decision or had final authority for approving a solutionProblem Solving The advanced Way Staff identify issues and communicate them to the unit council Unit council formulates a response and communicates this to staff Staff provide feedback via the comment form.How Does The New Way Work U nit Council Collects Data Develops a proposed plan using evidenced based practice Develops a time line Presents Plan for Feedback (Open Comment) Revises Plan Based Upon Feedback Forewards plan to system council, as postulateHow Does The New Way Work Unit Council Implements Plan Evaluates Outcome Report Results to Unit Staff Seeks staff feedback, formally and informally on councils performanceHow Does It Work Problem Solving Methodology come in an Issue or a Problem Gather Data Design a Solution cause Feedback Finalize a Proposal Implement Evaluate ReportIncreased Incidence of Pressure SoresProblemUnit ProblemUnit CouncilProblem Solving Model Results Positive OutcomesSystem LevelPractice ResearchProblemCoordinatingOperationsEducationProblem Solving ModelResults Positive OutcomesNurse Managers Role Create a climate that is actively supportive and not however tolerant of shared decision making Facilitate a leaning environment for staff addition and comfort with sh ared decision making Support release time for staff to participate in shared decision making activitiesNurse Managers Role Share with staff your intimacy of leadership and help staff to minimize implementation barriers Commit to the New WayRole of Unit Based Council Chair Set meetings Develop the agenda Move council to consensus Ensure members participate (per charter) Facilitate separate assignments Ensure consensus for decision making Call emergency meetings, as needed Mentor Chair-electBenefits of Shared Decision Making Increased Staff Nurse Satisfaction (increased autonomy, increased control over practice, improved communication between nurses, physicians and administration) Improved Nursing Retention ($90,000 to replace an RN 2006 Advisory Board) Improved Patient Safety OutcomesBenefits of Shared Decision Making Improved collaboration and team Building Improved quality of wish well and clinical effectiveness Increased staff confidence, personal and professional growth Development of new acquaintance and skills Increased professionalism and accountabilityRequirements for success. Place the Patient First and focus on providing the best care possible Trust and respect is essential Communicate openly and honestly Embracechange and filter for improvement Staff and managers hold each other accountable. Organizational support of accountability in the performance appraisal processFinal ThoughtShared decision making is a journey, not an event. It is not achieved overnight, and there is no conclusion no point when it is fully in place. It only provides a basis for further growth.Tim Porter-OGrady

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