Friday, May 3, 2019

Group project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Group project - Essay ExampleThe identity should mirror the business strategy and the organizations bequeath to advance programs that aim at ensuring the pock lives up to customer expectations. Consumer brand building involves creating a harvest-times value to consumers. It generally encompasses all things that consumers feel, know, and experience about the product and the business in its entirety (Gordon, 25).The Starbucks logo continues to feature the Starbucks siren although it no longer has the black backdrop and the words Starbucks coffee. Starbucks customer base mainly consists of high-income people that have a taste for feel luxury coffee. Teen consumption is also on the upswing (Schultz, 16). After careful analysis and ascertaining that I am marketing in the correct category, I would introduce new changes to the logo to address all customer needs. I would add the words, gratifying coffee, with a conscience, which is significant to the target market.After establishing t he brand identity, the focus will now shift to the brand meaning. Here, I analyze how Starbuck communicates the meaning of its products to customers. The performance of the coffee and related products is high. However, Starbucks operates 8078 stores in the United States (Schultz, 18), which results in saturation and self-cannibalization. I propose an international strategy that would ensure Starbuck makes inroads in umpteen countries and seize new market share.After a critical analysis of response judgments, I fancy that the perceived high quality coffee might be an issue. The coffee itself is high quality scarcely the quantities are small than what prime competitors sell. Lowering the price could be an alternative to solving this issue. However, lowering the prices would attain customers assessment of quality. I therefore decide to increase the quantities of the coffee.Most of Starbucks customers care late about fair

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