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USA and Puerto Rico Essay Example for Free

USA and Puerto anti-racketeering law EssayIt is a matter of fact that USA is one of the most powerful countries situated in North America, whereas Puerto anti-racketeering law is only the territory of the USA, although with a status of Commonwealth. Puerto anti-racketeering law is situated in the northeastern Caribbean. It is necessary to emphasize that the nature of political debates between USA and Puerto Rico is ongoing subject not only inwardly two states, but also in United Nations. (Morris 1995) The USA is a dispositional republic having the oldest constitution in the world. USA presidential term is representative democracy and operates through the congressional system specified by Constitution.The government is thus represented by three branches legislative (Congress is made up Senate and House of Representatives), administrator (the President and the Cabinet), judiciary (the Supreme Court). (Scott 1983) Puerto Rico has approximately the similar government, however, differences are evident. Puerto Ricos government is Republican system made up of three branches as well as the USA legislative (Senate and House of Representatives), executive (governor), judiciary (court). The difference executive branch in USA is president, whereas in Puerto Rico is governor.(Morris 1995) USA economic system is capitalist mixed economy presented by corporations, private firms and individuals performing macroeconomic decisions. (Scott 1983) Puerto Ricos economy can be described as agricultural, whereas in USA the market-gardening plays a minor role. USA largest economic sector is services employing three quarters of labor force. The demesne is rich in natural resources such as precious metals, petroleum and coal. (Scott 1983) Puerto Rico doesnt generate so strong economic potential and its main contributor is crops, especially sugar.However, the economic conditions in the country have been improved due to investments in technology, petrochemicals and pharmaceut icals. (Morris 1995) In conclusion it is necessary to say that USA compared with Puerto Rico has stronger economic and political potential and more significant influence on global scale. (Morris 1995)ReferencesMorris, Nancy. (1995). Puerto Rico Culture, Politics, and Identity. Westport, CT Praeger Publishers. Scott, John Anthony. (1983). The Ballad of America The History of the United States in Song and Story. Carbondale, IL Southern Illinois University Press.

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