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Tree Topology: Advantages and Disadvantages

channelize Topology Advantages and DisadvantagesINTRODUCTIONNetwork Topology is a constitutionatic layout of nodes everywhere a internet. This layout also determines the manner in which information is exchanged in spite of appearance the interlocking. manoeuver network topographic anatomy is the combination of the coach-and-four and the principal regional anatomy. direct topology allows users to hold many servers on the network. Tree topology follows a hierarchic pattern whereby each(prenominal) take aim is machine-accessible to the next higher level in a symmetrical pattern. It connects multiple star topologies to other star topology network. Tree topology is the best when the network is large-mouthed and not for a small network because it is a waste of businesss to use it.Tree topology has some features much(prenominal) asThree levels of hierarchy In a tree topology network topology there ar three levels of hierarchy and work together based on the result netwo rk.Two types of topology Tree topology is the combination of star and bus topology.There are some considerations when choosing a topology which are funds The user should look if the topology is costly or not.Length of the cable needed.Type of cable to be use in the topology.BACKGROUND takeMerits mean advantages or benefits of an object and Demerits means disadvantage or demarcation line of an object.MERITS OF TREE topologyHIGHLY FLEXIBLE In tree topology computing machines can be added by simply adding a hub in a network topology.CENTRALISED MONITORING It makes users to control and manage a larger network easily and also it is easy to reconfigure the tree topology.COMPUTERS HAVE penetration Because tree topology is a large network, all computers have go access to the network.POINT-TO-POINT CONNECTION In tree topology each computer is connected to the hub and also each part of a network is connected to the of import cable.Tree topology is supported by many ironware and softw are venders.In tree topology it is easy to add a computer by simply extending using cables to connect computers.DEMERITS OF TREE TOPOLOGY3.2.1SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE In tree topology, if the backbone of the entire network breaks both part of the network may not draw to each other but a part of the network continues to go on alone.3.2.2 backbreaking TO CONFIGURE It is nasty to configure tree topology because is a large topology and also wiring the network is difficult.3.2.3 In tree topology, the space of the network is limited by the type of cable to be utilise on the network.3.3 USAGE OF TREE TOPOLOGYAccording to, tree topology has some usage such as3.3.1 It is easy to identify the system in the network and also connect to a larger network.3.3.2 To dower information across a larger network.3.3.3 Tree topology allows the users to have many servers on the network.3.3.4 Tree topology reduces network traffic.CONCLUSIONTree topology is the combination of star and bu s topology. This topology is best to be used on larger network. The tree topology has some advantages such as it is highly flexible, centralized monitoring and point-to-point connection and the disadvantages of this topology is that it is difficult to configure, there is a single point of failure. Tree topology is used to identify the system on the network, to share information across network and allows users to have many servers on the network. Tree topology is the best topology because the signals that are transmitted by the root nodes are received by all the computers at the same time.APPENDIXThe figure below shows a structure of a tree topology.The above figure indicate that if the main cable breaks the entire network would not be able to communicate to each other but a part of the network communicate and if the hub breaks in part of the network that will affect that part.REFERENCEDouglas.E.Comer (2006), computer Networks and Internet, Department of Computer Science Purdue Univ ersity, Westhafayette.Tom.S.ed., 2001. Encyclopedia of Networking and Telecommunications Tate McGraw Hill.http// accessed on the 10 July 2009 at 1030hrs.http// accessed on the 13 July 2009 at 1234hrshttp// accessed on the 10 July 2009 at 1200hrs

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