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Psychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Psychology - Essay ExampleThis sort of experimentation usually helps in finding out the criticality and success of a new technique or process and the effect on individuals. Such experiments atomic number 18 often conducted in understanding the effect of fertilizers on crop yield. Random selected fields ar assigned experimental treatment and the ones left are utilize as Control groups. (Babbie, 2010 pp. 240-244) Insecure ambivalent attachment John Bowlby, who described attachment as a lasting psychological connectedness between human beings, developed the earliest attachment theory. This is shown in fountain of mothers and infants where infants create a sense of security when mothers are available and responsive to their needs. The insecure ambivalent persons are usually overwhelmed with their emotions and often find themselves unable to think rationally about events. Often their ability to forge things to perspective is drowned by their inability to think. This is due to the fa ct that basic emotional and physical needs are not being met and hence they often show intense anger, enrage, infuriation, frustration and impatience. Fear of conflict or rejection is high among insecure ambivalent adults. In case of ambivalently attached children, they become very distressed when their elicit leaves. These children do not depend on their caregiver when they are in need. This is seen when a child becomes yearning when its mother leaves, however on reunion, it is pleased that the mother has returned but at the same time too angry and doesnt trust her to stay. (Goodman, 1997 pp.199-207) Principle of Closure The dogma of result implies people seek closure as a give up of release from tension. People when threatened seek the closure of safety. People bide closure for gaining pleasure. Shopping is accompanied with the anticipated completion of purchase that would give pleasure. The mind works to towards seeing that has not already happened or may not be visible yet. This is seen in Gestalts principle of closure, which says that the human mind tends to complete figures although a considerable part of the information is missing. The mind matches it with patterns that are already familiar even if it hasnt received the complete information. This is also speculative of a survival instinct, which takes the form of a predator that crumb go ahead with incomplete information. In a persons thinking, closure comes in two places. The first egregious is when an individual understands something and derives meaning out of it. The next instant of closure happens when a decision is taken about some pending issues. Closure helps individuals focus on futures by closing doors of confusions of the past. (Osborn & Osborn, 2004 pp.188-190) Systematic Desensitization This technique was developed by Joseph Wolpe for treatment of individuals suffering from apprehension related disorders and phobias. It is centered on the principles of classical conditioning and the understanding that whatever an individual had learned can be unlearned. Researches have shown that it is an effective method of reducing panic attacks and anxiety that are often associated with timorous situations. The process saltations with imagining oneself in fearful situations and using relaxing strategies to counter it. Once an individual can start doing that, he/she gradually starts desensitizing to factors triggering such panic (Ankrom, 2009). The major focus areas in the process to make an individual

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