Friday, April 26, 2019

Contract and Event Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

Contract and Event Management - Essay ExampleAs such several a detailed analyses of the event, venue and bud conk should be prior to organizing the event.Both lease and event supply form different sectors of the hospitality industry. The word hospitality actu onlyy covers all aspects of the hotel and catering industry. It actually operator that the guests and strangers be treated in a generous and friendly manner. Catering means offering of facilities to people, particularly the provision of food.Contract and Event Catering sector Contract catering includes all function required to prep ar and deliver meals to people working or living in different communities, public offices, private offices, schools, colleges etc. Whenever these services are deputed to a service provider, it is known as cause catering. In other words it is a legal agreement between the consumer and the caterer to supply food for a particular event or for a specified time. This ensures that better quality food is delivered to the consumer as the chefs study the exact taste preferences of the consumer. Similarly, when service providers are hired to provide food for specific events like marriages, functions, get together(s) etc., it is known as event catering. The caterers are hired for events based on the menu that needs to be served to the guests. Event catering is a part of contract catering and event managers are hired to direct and plan the event as well as the menu. The menu is planned according to the taste of the guests as well as the event. The provision and consumption of intoxicant must be carefully considered when organizing an event. Ineffective alcohol management, particularly irresponsible serving practices, can create risks for staff, event patrons and the public OSullivan & Longland (1999). There are mainly 3 types of event management,Services the event contract should explicitly mention that what kind of services the event management body is going to offer during pre ev ent, at the

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