Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Why Do Chemists Classify Matter

Why do chemists classify content? Well classifying matter is very important in chemisty. See chemists want to know what things are made of and what type of things they are. They similarly like to mix different things together. So they need to know what cardinal or more peices of matter dont like to be created. If they didnt know what kinds of matter dont mix well, it could be very dangerous. Classifying matter isnt very hard it is rattling quite simple. Im going to refer to the classification pyrimid.This is how the pyrimid is set up. At the outmatch it has materials or matter. Then to the lower left and right it has homogeneous matterials and different matterials. Below the heterogeneous materials it just classifies as an heterogeneous mixture cod to it has more than one piece of matter in the material. Now beneath homogeneous material you have a choice its either a pure substance which is ususally solid, or a homogeneous mixture (solution). commonly solutions end in ite, a te, ide, etc. A pure substance is normally solid.Under that it is therefore classified as an element or a compound. How do you know if its an element? Well look at the fortnightly table of elements if its on there then its an element. How do you know if its a compound? Well a compound is made up of 2 or more elements. So look at the name for pillow slip NH3 then it is a compound because it has a nitrogen molecule and 3 hydrogen molecules. Science changes everyday and without our current knowledge of the elements and classifing matter then who knows where wed be.

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