Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Arab-Israeli Conflict :: History Arabic Israel Essays

The Arab-Israeli Conflict The Arab-Israeli action is one of the most prolonged and bloody(a) conflicts in not only modern history, but in the old-fashioned world as well. The roots of the conflict, as well as the arguments on both sides, are as diversified and complicated as the conflict itself.The Israelites started to conquer and settle the land of Canaan, which is present day Israel, in 1250 B.C.. poove Solomon ruled the Israelites and the land of Israel from 961-922 B.C.. Following his reign, Israel was split up into two kingdoms. The Confederate kingdom, Judah, was conquered by the Babylonians, who drove its people, the Jews, into exile and destroyed Solomons temple in 586 B.C.. After seventy years or so, the Jews began to return to Israel and the temple of Solomon was stepwise rebuilt. By 333 B.C., Alexander the Great and his army brought the area under Hellenic control. By 165 B.C., a revolt in Judea registered the close ancient Judaic state. Then, in 63 B.C., Judea was incorporated into the Roman responsibleness of Palestine. By 70 A.D., A revolt over against Roman rule was install down by the Emperor Titus. Shortly aft(prenominal), the Temple of Solomon was once again destroyed. This marks the beginning of the Jewish Diaspora. From 118-138 A.D., during the Emperor Hadrians reign, Jews were allowed to return to Israel. However, after another Jewish revolt in 133 A.D., Jerusalem was completely destroyed and its occupants, the Jews, banished and/or sold into slavery. Then, in 638 A.D., the Arabs came onto the scene in a major way with their conquest of the area. By early in the 8th century, the instant Caliph of Islam, Omar, had built the Al-Asqa Mosque on the site in Jerusalem, or Al-Qods as the Arabs called the city, where they believe the prophet Mohammad ascended into Heaven. Except for the period of the Crusades, the area remained under Muslim rule under the Ottoman Empire until the United Nations mandate which gave the land over to the Jews to establish Israel.Zionism is the international movement to establish a Jewish state in the land where Israel once stood. The initiatory Zionist Congress met in Basle, Switzerland, in 1897 to discuss Theodore Herzls 1886 book, The Jewish State, in which he discussed establishing a Jewish state, primarily in resolution to European anti-semitism. The Congress issued the Basle program to establish a home for the Jewish people in Palestine secured by public law.

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