Sunday, March 17, 2019

Censoring Our Students :: Argumentative, Legal Issues, Social Issues

Students do not shed their ingrained rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gates.--Justice William BrennanFor galore(postnominal) years it has been debated whether students have the same amendment rights as any other somebody in the world. Many would say that they do not. They would say that by winning external those state given rights they are protecting the students from being assailable to negative things. Unfortunately the only thing that is being accomplished by this overprotection is the lack of understanding of the world they will soon be facing. wherefore not stand firm as a humanity institution that expresses and explores the complex range of human experiences? Why be diplomatic and apologetic about the fact that we do not shy away from difficult, challenging, and complex topics? (Durbin)There isnt a more appropriate statement. Why not stand firm? Prepare students for the real world. Teach them how to survive. By censoring out issues or only a llowing limited discussions of high pen topics, students are not being exposed to life skills that are significant to the real world. Therefore setting them up for failure. The American public schools, for many a(prenominal) years, have been faced with the problem of censorship. Many such problems have been fostered by groups who question the use of instructional materials that do not meet their moral, religious, political, cultural, or ethic values (Sherrow 38). By censoring topics such as homosexuality, religion, sex, racial issues, and other taboo topics it is not allowing the growth and expansion of students minds.

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