Thursday, March 28, 2019

Bluetooth :: sCommerce Technology Essays

A new technology of the 21st century is reshaping human life. The concept of unspoken commerce, commonly receiptn as sCommerce is the silent transfer of knowledge and tuition through mobile phones and electronic devices. Sadly, this technology is initiating the transition from a humanist society to a more electronically controlled adult male. This new, perhaps, frightful world introduces electronic devices capable of thinking for themselves without human control. Imagine the average teenager purchasing a CD player with enough intelligence to exchange and pop off with his/her laptop without the childs consent. Or your Kenmore frig secretly letting your grocer know when youre out of milk. Scary isnt it? Well, sCommerce, particularly the Bluetooth chip, gives these electrically wager gadgets these abilities. It allows inhuman things to have human capabilities and perhaps exceed our own whiz power. Truly, the Bluetooth chip may be an eye opening technological breakthro ugh, except has harmful humanistic, economic affects with its integration into the electronic and mobile/telecommunication world . Realistically, the average technologically involved person has heard the term Bluetooth. The unpatterned name of this chip is derived from the 10th century Scandinavian king, Harald Bluetooth, who was historically cognize for uniting various unorganized kingdoms. Similarly, Bluetooth is specialized to unite many competing electronic amounts under one main specification. By definition, Bluetooth is a global de facto standard for wireless connectivity. Based on a low-cost, short-range radio link, Bluetooth cuts the cords that used to tie up digital devices. When two Bluetooth equipped devices pay back within 10 meters range of each other, they can establish a connection together.

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