Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Creative story Essay

What is creative horizontal surface? In general, creative novel is writing which expresses the writers thoughts and feelings in an imaginative way. The key elements of a creative accounting include characters, composition, setting, plot, structure, complication, crisis, and resolution. Characters ar tour guides who lead the readers into the fantastic world created by the writer and theme is what the writer wants to show to the readers. Setting is important in making the story real and creating the atmosphere. Plot is something that happens to the characters and structure shows how the writer develops the story. Complication and crisis make the story tenser and more interesting. Resolution ends up the story. To write a creative story, I will follow the four stages of writing. First, I will write an attention-catching open to introduce the characters, location and setting.Followed by, I will build up strain and conflicts to make the story more exciting. Then, the story reaches i ts climax. Finally, the characters sort prohibited the fuss and the story comes to an end. In the writing, I will use figurative run-in like similes, metaphors, personification and hyperbole. These can make my story alive and supporter the reader visualize a cle ber image by comparing it to something that they are familiar with. I think its important to think out of the border when writing a creative story. Everything can happen in a creative story like an alien attacks people or a school suddenly disappears. Moreover, I will enjoy the execute of writing and express my thoughts and feelings to the readers through my story.

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