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Black Death and Middle English Word

Why does Chaucer dwell more on the pardoners love of money than on any other aspect of his record? He was non supposed to switch worldly procession he is supposed to be a reality of God but does not live the life style 2. Imagine that the pardoner where alive today. What competency he do for a living, and how would that profession reflect his character? select oil, Bibles, Tapes cads of Preaching he might sell these affairs. Hes money hungry that is his goal. run-in TO OWN Avarice 1 . From the old French boy convey to crave Abominable 2. From the Latin word content Inhuman Sauntered 3. From the Latin word substance to loosen Caro habits 4. From the middle French word meaning to drink completely Covetous 5. From the Latin word meaning to confide Blasphemy 6. From the Greek word meaning to speak evil of ghastliness 7. From the Latin Absolution 8.From the Middle English word meaning to muse or meditate Superfluity 9. From the Latin word meaning to overflow slip by 10. From the Latin word meaning to climb across Re-write 5 sentences preceding(prenominal) in your proclaim words Avarice 1 . From the old French word meaning to desire Abominable 2. From the Latin word meaning godly Sauntered 3. From the Latin word meaning to walk gaily Carouses 4. From the middle French word meaning rumen Covetous 5. From the Latin word meaning to involve After Reading Questions 1 .What events prompt the leash rioters to seek demolition? Set out to shape conclusion after becoming drunk at a bar. Their intoxication makes them believe that they can find and carry off death itself. 2. What flair is the rioters discovery at the old tree unforeseen? They find gold coins and excited nearly their newly covered treasure, afterwards forget most Death 3. Describe the events that directly lead to their deaths. The three men draw straws to see who among them should fetch wine and food eyepatch the other two wait under the tree.The youngest of the three men force the s hortest straw. The two men who stay behind secretly plot to slay the other one when he returns, while the one who leaves for the town poisons just about of the wine with rat poison. When he returns with the food and drink, the other two wipe out him and drink the poisoned wine ? also dying (and finding Death) 4. Where you able to flop anticipate everything? No, I was surprised by how some events developed. 5. What theme about corruption do you think Chaucer conveys through the selection? Greed is the gouge of evil.The three young men, who first show their lack of restraint or self-discipline by being drunk early in the aurora and then make the mistake of going in search of Death (rather like flavour for trouble), quickly lose their loyalty to one other when they find gold (in the place where a mysterious old man told them they would find Death) and are then separated. Two plots to kill one, the one externalize o kill the two, and all three find what they initially went look ing for. 6. A foil is a character that provides a striking differentiate to other characters.In what way does the old man serve as a foil to the three rioters? He is a foil to the rioters in that he represents the wisdom of old age. Unlike the rioters, the old man is calm, sober, and respectful he understands that human beings have no control over death. 7. Cox derision Example(s) from The excusers Tale 1 . Verbal irony occurs when someone states one thing and means another. The Pardoner makes a speech at the end of the selection, when he tries to sell organizers by his earlier admission, he doesnt believe in the churchs teachings about sin, forgiveness, and damnation. . Situational irony is a contrast between what is expected to happen and what really happens. The rioters expect to find Death under the tree instead they find gold, which leads to their death. 3. In dramatic irony, the readers know more than the characters do. The reader is aware that the one-time(a) rioters hav e conspired against the youngest. 9. During the mid-14th century, the Black Death a massive epidemic of the bubonic plague swept through Asia and Europe. In Europe alone, one-quarter of the population died.In what way might these circumstances have made people vulnerable to the tricks of the Pardoner and other unscrupulous clergymen? Christians would have feared dying without forgiveness for their sins, as doing so would have meant eternal damnation. The outbreak of the plague would have led more to seek forgiveness in the form of indulgences. They might also have looked to the supposed power of his relics to keep them healthy. Vocabulary in Context 1. chimerical 2. True 3. True Vocabulary Strategy 1. Debonair 3. Piquant 4. tad 5. Echelon Vocabulary Study 1. Meting parley 2. Greed Avarice .Criticized reprimandd 1. Critique 2. request 3. Genre 4. Souvenirs 5. Repartee 6. Most African American males have brunette hair 7. The finale to the festivals was a ground display of fir eworks 8. Women often use rouge cosmetics to color their checks and lips. Vocabulary Practice 1. Parley 2. Avarice 3. Castigate 4. Avarice 5. Parley 6. Castigate 7. The Pardoners tale is a satire of a man who preaches to people about the evils of money, claiming The love of money is the root of evil. This accent was taken directly out of the Bible. In effect, the Pardoner is guilty of his own avarice actions, making

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