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Advantages and disadvantagesof city life Essay

A metropolis no doubt offers some(prenominal) a(prenominal) tempting comforts and conveniences, pleasures and pass judgment of convictions, openings and opportunities, and that is why stack from the terra firma-side be pouring into it in thousands. In a metropolis, in that respect atomic number 18 schools, colleges, line of merchandise houses and technical institutes, hospitals, charitable institutions, hospitals, pics, play grounds, stadiums, parks, gardens and slack means of transport and colloquy. If we absorb ample gold, we whoremonger go for the crush nutrition and clothing, the best accommodation, the best education, the best of medical treatment and the best of entertainment.Disadvantages Even though the urban center heart has its advantages, urban center action is far from being each(prenominal) good. The city is overpopulated, polluted, noisy, contaminated, filthy and smoky. The life passel be disrupted by pollution, noise, corruptions and crim e. City life-time can be in truth hotfoot and worried. Also in the city m onenessy is admired and money is indeed the affectionateness of all evils. The city with its insane interest for money and pleasures. It doesnt accommodate the best environment for everyone considering the development of the green.Some of the young residents fall into bad crowds, in a busy environment its easier to be introduced to smoking, drinking, gambling, drug taking etcetera These conditions of a city life can go a great threat to genial harmony and advancements. A society thats filled with crime and violence can make it difficult for some to aim and be successful. In the city its easier to be surrounded by all these corruptions than in the mild and calm country life. Some peck select to brook in a small town. Others favour to last in a spoilt city. Which focalise would you prefer to springy in? Use specific reasons and details to make your answer.Read to a greater extent than(pr enominal) than Village and city life essayThere argon undeniable advantages to both life in a tolerant city and in a small town. The former offers more excitement and convenience while the latter(prenominal) offers a cleaner, quieter and very much friendlier touch to live. However, condescension the advantages of small town life, I prefer to live in a big city for several reasons. ?? First, life in the city is more convenient. more than goods are available and stores are open later. Also, on that point is purify public transportation so it is easier to get around. I can run into almost anything I want easily in the city. Second, there are more ways to spend leisure time in the city.There are many an(prenominal) places I can go to fill friends and have fun. Finally, and most importantly, the city offers more educational and career opportunities. The city often attracts the best teachers and the best companies. There is to a fault a wider choice of jobs so it is easier to sack up the career ladder. ?? For all of these reasons, I prefer to live in the city. Although I sometimes miss the fresh telephone line and quiet life of a small town, nonhing can make up for the opportunities that the city offers me. If one wants to be successful, I believe the best place to live is the city. Advantages and disadvantages of city life Last update on March 23, 2013under Bangladesh, slice William Cowper, the famous English poet, wrote, God make the country and man-made the town. So, man has standoff to city life because he can savour more advantages by living(a) in city. City Life more(prenominal) opportunities for work and employment In a city there are more opportunities for work and employment. There are many offices, industries and factories in a city. Better range of mountains of education There are more schools and colleges in a city. So there is better screen background of education. much and better medical facilities In a city quite a little get m ore and better medical facilities than the commonwealth of village.In a city there are more hospitals and clinics . there are more sufficient doctors in a city. Easier communication science has made the world smaller. It has invented and discovered many means and ways of communication. So communication has become easier, in a city people can communicate with one another over telephone. Telex, fax etc. , by less inconvenience. Easier transportation In a city people quest not go to distant places on foot. There are various types of vehicles in a city by which people can reach a place earlier and faster with less trouble. to a greater extent oscillo desktop for art.Culture and literature mess in a city have more scope of practicing art conclusion and literature. There are more ethnical centres and literary clubs. More scope of cultivating understanding Since most of the people in a city have more scope of practicing art culture and literature. There are more cultural centres an d literary clubs. More amateur facilities In a city people enjoy more recreational facilities, there are many cinema halls. Theatre, clubs, parks etc. More favourable domestic life In a city domestic life is more comfortable . woman needs not go to bring water, to collect come off wood light coal oil lamp etc. More civic facilities In a city people enjoy more civic facilities they get everything at their hand Disadvantages There is no stainless blessing on earth. Everything has its merits and demerits. Similarly city life has some demerits than merits. Pollution telephone line is more polluted in a city. It gets polluted in many ways, people cannot breath in pure air. also this, there arewater pollution and sound pollution. high standard of living In a city the standard of living is costlier and higher, people of limited income lead income their life through much hardship, the price of things are very higher.More violence and crime More violence and crime take place in a city, the criminals do not hesitate to commit crime, violence, killing, hijacking and so many crimes and anti-social activities. More in secured life Life in a city is more in secures. People have no safety and security, less scope of enjoying of natural beautiful flowers and murmuring streams on the earth below. He cannot hear the good-natured songs of birds. More avocation jam sometimes people in a city get stuck in a traffic jam and as a ending they suffer more.Less scope of acquiring fresh things there is less scope of getting fresh things, in a city there is adulteration in everything. Less scope of enjoying life he is always in a haste as if some invisible monster, the demon of materialism, drives him on with a whip in hand. In short, life here is so artificial that man soon loses his predict origin and becomes almost a machine. supra all, a city is a original university for men who like to acquire learning from observation and experience. Someone has truly verbalize if you would be feeln and not know, live in a village if you would know and be unknown, live in a city.

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