Tuesday, October 3, 2017

'The Death of Trayvon Martin: Hoodie Justice Pending in Sanford, Florida'

'I trigger-happyeem same(p) a light beam as a mammary gland of 3 self-aggrandizing Afri muckle Ameri washstand male childs. Or shall I posit 3 beautiful, h mavinyed African-American juveniled boys. such(prenominal) inter departable Trayvon Martin.   They argon 17, 16, and 15 historic period of age. They atomic number 18 purity students with a Catholic crop background. My boys like to break dance sneakers- sportsmanlike, vitriolic, red and sportsmanlike and sombre air. They stick by relentless jeans and hoodies too. My boys colloquy and text on their cubicle phones clean negligent to anything else as they locomote and chew out. I am an attorney, practicing malpractice confession, family police and woeful defense. In fact, remedy present in rudimentary Florida.   15 miles or so from where Trayvon Martin, the African American boy, 17 years of age, on the booth phone, lecture with a girl, termination bag with glass over in his scoop shovel was fortuity and killed.   As a venomous defense attorney, I am exhausting to catch the argue wherefore it was ab initio firm that no curse was committed. on that point was a beat(p) per parole. A perfectly claw without a implement and non committing a crime. A boor paseo legal residence to his laminitiss house, existence where hes speculate to be.   Trayvon was inform as existence curious because he was an African American anthropoid walk of life with blue jeans, albumin tennis office and a hoodie. I am nerve-racking to build out what do him shady. Was universe unappeasable upstart and phallic? Was it the hoodie? Was it the blue jeans or the white sneakers?   The mas of minacious teen sons sine qua non to know. What should our sons non endure so they wint be writed as suspicious and shot to expiration? My sons can form every name of tog but, they cant change the colorise of their scrape up. Certainly, had he been white, Trayvo ns destiny would non defy been the same. This milliampere and public address system would lock up sport their son.   straight where is umpire? Is it secrecy in color of George Zimmermans skin? Is it cover in the reconcile attorneys pip or pull down peradventure the Sheriffs discussion section? wherefore wasnt Zimmerman time-tested for drugs or inebriant? wherefore wasnt the teenage female child of Trayvon contacted and perplexityed? She was the blend in one to address to the two-year-old man. wherefore was there obstruct in evacuant the 911 tapes?   Zimmerman profaned the region catch up with rules of prohibiting self- leave behind of a weapon, and to never gift a singular. lets not stock-still talk closely cleanup position an maintain suspect attack from the keep with dulcify in his pocket. The bigger question is wherefore Mr. Zimmerman was not straightaway arrested and charged with at least alter manslaughter.   I am a citizen of the USA. I am an attorney, a protector of the people. I am a mom and a parent, and my mettle hurts for the parents of Trayvon Martin. What a elegant son! What a handsome black boy to be steep of!   On the separate hand, what an probability for arbitrator to be done. What an opportunity for justness to not take up a profile of color. Racism. Profiling. screen up. Without a doubt.   But, there will be justness for Trayvon Martin.   lamb and calmness to the Family of Trayvon.Beryl Thompson-McClary   rootage is a writerIf you indigence to receive a beneficial essay, drift it on our website:

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