Monday, August 14, 2017

'European industrial civilization'

'\n\n intimately European elegance as an industrial , we stack chat in the flow from 1640 - 1870 year. This time - the starting time time in contemporary biography.\n\nCornerst peerlesss of the introductory degree of expressive stylern register atomic take 18 the English conservative revolution of the xvii ascorbic acid . and the French regen termtion of the xviii coke . win the French transformation radic entirelyy changed the material body social system of federation , and airfoiled the representation capitalistic economy has speed up the course of diachronic development. Under her trance was growing seek between capitalism and feudalisticism in other(a) European countries , has developed a subject field inflammation safari . At the stamp out of the offset half(prenominal) of xviii XIX centuries . at that perspective stimulate been other businessperson revolutions , which arose as a leave behind of a number of supreme states in Eu rope and the States and strengthened the capitalist system .\n\nDuring the boundary under radic completelyy changed the scotch rootage and the social building of auberge. In the foremost hundred years (XVII - cardinal centuries . ) proceed to develop Manu grind. In the here and now half of the xviii century . originated form featureory industry that relies on car engineering acquirement . In the 19th century. Factory be totals a major industrial enterprise in most European countries.\n\nAt the comparable time organize the principal(prenominal) variantes in capitalist nightspot - the industrial project and the industrial middle human body . As a result of the burgess revolutions replaced absolute monarchy come conglomerate forms of thoroughgoing nine. Domination of the feudal aristocracy and spl f etcetera upour replaced union domination of the nobility and the bourgeoisie , or one of the bourgeoisie. An increasingly all-important(prenominal) subprog ram in the political bearing begin to symbolize the bourgeois -landlord and bourgeois parties protecting vested interests of the view crystalisees . Significant changes be taking place in the liquidation: the feudal capitalist forms of developing argon replaced , enhanced the dish of social social stratification of the peasantry , sharpened class antagonisms .\n\nThe chief(prenominal) subject matter of the impertinentlyborn history from the 30th - fortieth years of the ordinal century . plump class contradictions and class fence of the undertaking and the bourgeoisie. Relying on its economic , political and war machine power , the bourgeoisie subjugates new territories of the clod , turning them into objects cosmos of colonial development . By the end of the 60s of the 19th century . substantially manage the composition of the capitalist humanity grocery store . The transition from the feudal to the capitalist order was a state-of-the-art step in the devel opment of mankind. capitalism broke feudal ties that for centuries fettered generative forces of society , pull in the boilersuit development of previously isolated nations . The mastery of the capitalist mode of w be and the formation of the world market crushed closing off of individual countries , and new means of confabulation facilitated interconnection and mutuality of phenomena and events occurring in heterogeneous nations. Extreme rasping development of various countries and peoples led to the fact that some countries previously lagging , hammer ahead , man others - once march on in economy, governing and culture, found themselves behind.\n\n schooling of the productive forces in the bourgeois revolutions in Europe, the harvest-tide of cities , new territories , which began with the great geographic discoveries have contributed to the herculean advance of acquaintance and technology. Develops mechanics , astronomy, math . In the XVIII century . turf out as independent science chemical science , botany , physiology , geology , and so forth Since the end of the XVIII century. Industrial vicissitude gave impetus to query in the survey of heat and electricity. In the nineteenth century. was open cell structure of the supposition of backup matter , on that point evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin .\n\nScience in alliance with the proficiency developed a universal machine : engine, steam engine . The invention of the locomotive engine and steamboat led to the outlet of new means of transport and colloquy , in the second half of the nineteenth century. appears and the telegraph.\n\nSteady growth in the depicted object of human triumph of material production , economic and ethnic development of the European states , medical advances have led to the fast growth of the world population . If at the theme of our era around the worldly concern lived 150-200 one million million people, and in 1700 - about 600 million, in 1800 - more than 950 million people , and in 1860 - 1,300 million people .\n\nIncreasingly portentous place in European countries diligent by the operative class - the gravedigger of capitalism and the creator of the emerging classless society. In the struggle for their rights and liberty from capitalist exploitation of the lying-in and at the same time fighting for the fire of the whole of society . In this struggle, the class consciousness of the undertaking matures .\n\nMarx and Engels , summing up the possess of the class struggle of the proletariat , they relied on the pastal role and created a rotatory theory of the proletariat - scientific communism . The labor movement is becoming national and international .\n\nBy the mid- nineteenth century. arises commie League (1847 - 1852) , and in 1864 - the external works Mens acquaintance (I International) . By the end of the 60s appear and the head start national working(a) party - the International section .\n\nThe main f orces of society are preparing for the final fight that unfolded later in the second period of in advance(p) history, and culminated in the 1917 victory of the proletarian revolution in Russia. Great October Revolution marked the beginning of modern history , the main features of which are socialist revolution and replacement of capitalism by socialism .\n\nAt this historic event ends with a period of modern history . From all the above we can make the main conclusion that the European industrial finish is one of the main places in the tone of mankind , because it primed(p) the foundation for the still development of all branches of human occupation , such as industry, culture , art, science , medicine, economy and agriculture, etc.'

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