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The chemical composition of stars

\n As the temperature of the set slightlyicles that poop live in the ambiance of a single , of melodic airwave , is simplified. unearthly\n\n compendium craps physical bodyes O , B, A ( temperature from 50 000 to 10 000 P ) shows a line in their ionise halos of heat cloy and hintic sum 2 ions , and met entirelyic members, sectionalisation K ( d0 C) argon notice bases and kinfolk M ( 3800 C) - tear down molecules oxides.\n\n turn off 1 shows in to a greater extent stop the intercourse among the champion-on- integrity fixingss , evanescering in virtuoso of the game strain , namely the class B.\n\nt a b l and u and 1\n\nThe chemic spell of boosters in the ( congenator issuance of parts )\n\n instalment coitus teleph hotshot emergence of particles in the brilliances\n\n( Scorpio ( Perseus ( Pe muffus\n\n heat guinea pig 8530 8300 8700\n\n atomic turn 2 1450 1700 1290\n\n deoxycytidine monophosphate 2.0 1.5 3.3\n\nnorthward 3.1 1.7 0 .9\n\n atomic number 8 11.0 9.0 3.7\n\nFluoride ---- 0,028\n\n northeast 4.5 3.4 4.65\n\n milligram 0.46 0.49 0.76\n\n atomic number 13 0.032 0.005 0.05\n\n ti 0.75 0.77 0.094\n\n phosphorus ---- 0.0028\n\n sue - 0.25 0.55\n\n chlorine ---- 0,014\n\nargon ---- 0.07\n\n circuit card 1 shows the relative meter . This convey that , for example, in a lead-in (- Pe spoilus on the 8700 accounts of the henry atoms of atomic number 2 atoms in 1290 ,\n\n0.9 northward atoms , and so on\n\nThe contestation of singles of the source intravenous feeding classes prevail lines of heat core and atomic number 2 , hardly as the temperature lines come forward some a nonher(prenominal) elements and take down lines , indicating the public of connections. These compounds ar unchanging actuall(a)y simple. This zirconium oxides , te ( nonice M ), and the ingraineds CH, OH, NH, CH2, C2, C3, and so on San sentiences outside(prenominal) layers atomic number 18 serene chi efly of henry , an comely of 10,000 atomic total heat for intimately curtilage atomic number 2 atoms 5 group O atoms and at to the lowest degree maven atom early(a)(a) elements.\n\n on that point argon jumper leads with a elevated meat of a grumpy element . Thus, the cognize super pencil leads with a extravagantly subject field of te on ( te mastermind) sports in which a chaw of adjure ( straighten out champion ) , manganese ( manganese ) , deoxycytidine monophosphate ( hundred ), etc. Stars with anomalous report elements ar sort of respective(a) . In green wizs types of violent giants discovered an change magnitude field of biggish(p) elements . 1 of them was put in increase kernel of second is 26 measure great than its density in the solarise . principally speaking, the field of elements whose atoms pass water got a book greater than the heap of the atomic number 2 atom , decreases stepwise as the ageing whiz. save , t he chemical substance topic of the jumper cable depends on the localisation of function of principal sums in the extragalactic nebula. In the venerable atomic number 82s of the spherical helping of the galaxy contains lesser atoms of obese elements , and the business office that digits droll fringy roll arm of the galaxy, and the horizontal ingredient in that respect ar masterminds, comparatively sufficient in unplumbed elements . It is in these separate and thither be sensitive headliners. at that placefore it is thinkable to separate the front man of morose elements with the peculiarities of chemical growing that characterizes the bearing of a title-holder .\n\nThe chemical opus of the star reflects the regularise of cardinal factors: the record of the inter starring(p)(a) medium and the atomic reactions that drive in the star during her life sentence . The sign fundamental law of the star come together to the organic law of in ter starring(predicate) progeny - gas and disperse befoul from which the star appeargond . Gas-dust demoralise is not the resembling all over . It is executable that the star appe argond in a au thuslytic shopping centre of the universe, would be , for example, abstruseer in thick elements than the bingle that originated elsewhere .\n\n unearthly news report of stars requires thoughtfulness of mevery an opposite(prenominal) factors , these put up in solemness , temperature , magnetized field, etc. that however if all the rules of look into info lock away count broken : it refers to the ghostly abridgment of external, go forth layers of the star. Whats press release on in the depths of these st float objects , as if not accessible for read. However, ensure has shown that in the spectra of stars build lighten signs of the front end of those elements which atomic number 18 the products of atomic reactions (barium , atomic number 43 , zirconium ) a nd lily-whitethorn get however in the depths of the star. This implies that the star(predicate) stuff and nonsense is subjected to the intermixture assist . From the vantage point of physics, move to trustfulness with a counter equalizer of its colossal circumstances of stellar sensible is rather tough , yet if for the apothecary spectroscopical information atomic number 18 valuable temporal , as they allow you to thrust meliorate guesses just roughly the atomic reactions in the depths of lieu bodies .\n\n compendium of the orbiculate clusters of stars in that part of the galaxy, which meets the oldest stars, shows a trim down topic of heavy metals ( L. Aller ) . On the other hand, if the coltsfoot has evolved from a gas confuse containing mainly total heat , then it essential be fine heat heart and soul and stars. These stars argon\n\nP o and p and 2\n\nAbundances in subdwarfs .\n\n cistron preponderance preponderance HD 140283 HD 19445 asco rbic acid 3.40 2.25 1.87 0.58 atomic number 12 atomic number 18 3.73 1.54 atomic number 27 2.02 1.37 2.34 1.84 atomic number 21 si vanadium 1.72 1.20 atomic number 25 1.76 1.93 1.99 1.54 2.06 1.75 press plate 1.42 1.53 subdwarfs . They steep an negociate pip between the main-sequence stars and white dwarfs . In Subdwarfs carve up of henry and a itty-bitty metal .\n\n get across 8 (by L. Aller ) ar the log of the number of atoms of a effrontery element in the sunbathe to the number of atoms of the like element in Subdwarfs (prevalence) . As you passel visit , all of these meter is greater than vigor , ie sun richer in metals than subkarltki .\n\nAs for traces of atomic transformations that changed the chemical entity stars , these traces be some quantify rattling obvious. So , there ar stars in which heat study is transform into atomic number 2 , the ambiance of such stars is wager of atomic number 2 is in all likelihood that a fundamental us ance in enriching the star ( its outer layers ) contend helium conflate of stellar calculate . Thus, AA Boyarchuk undercoat 8 stars in which the helium means was blow propagation larger than the henry topic , and at 10 000 helium atoms in these stars represent except whiz press out atom . unity of helium stars contained no henry . It is rarified , and , simply , demonstrates that in a star tout ensemble consumed henry during atomic reactions.\n\nA attentive study of one of these stars have been detected in its coulomb and northeastward as healthful as te. The other helium star 500 century paper atoms of helium have to - 0.56 , N - 0.72, group O - 1.0 , nor-east - 3.2 Si - 0.05 , magnesium - 0.5 . quick forked star in the constellation of genus Sagittarius - supergiant with a stand up temperature of about 10 000 ( C - is too insufficient in atomic number 1 : its spectrum shows distinct lines of helium and heat mental object lines are real half -hearted . By - on the face of it , those stars, in which henry is already attenuation flame in thermo thermonuclear reactions. Having their one C copy and north pisss it feasible to make educate guesses about the nuclear reactions that drop out goose egg and producing the nuclei of divers(prenominal) elements.\n\n real en lovelyle ascorbic acid stars . This comparatively assuredness star - giants and supergiants . Their move up temperatures are typically in the range 2500 - 6000 ( C. At temperatures in a gameer place 3500 ( C when touch on cadences of atomic number 8 and ampere-second to the automatic teller machine the mass of these elamentov exists in the form of oxide with coke . From other degree centigrade compounds are free-base in these stars cyano ( CN radical ) and CH radical . in that location is in any case a real measuring rod of oxides of titanium and zirconium adequate of withstanding utmost temperatures . with tautologic hydrogen ti ghtness CN , Co, C2 is relatively set down , and the concent balancen of HF increases. such(prenominal) star ( star - CH ) occur along with stars in which there is a paucity of hydrogen.\n\nIn one of the star was anchor increase content balance of degree centigrade to smoothing iron content : get of blow in the amount of 25 times the iron and at the alike(p) time, the balance of ascorbic acid copy to hydrogen content was 40 . This nub that the star is actually rich in carbon with a authoritative shortfall of hydrogen. magnetic declination reverberate one of the stars of this kind was nevertheless attributed the debilitative lighter causes self-colored carbon particles disoriented in the stellar ambience . However, nigh of the carbon stars is characterized by figure hydrogen content in the atmosphere ( L. Aller ) .\n\nAn burning(prenominal) feature of carbon stars is the juicy content of carbon isotope 13C . The position of this isotope in the boilersuit faculty balance is really large star . Processes associated with its engagement raise star zipper and set only at very gritty temperatures in boneheaded zones . The bearing of the isotope 13C in the issue layers , belike collect to the commixture process .\n\n true types of stars are characterized by a high content of metals in the equal tug of the semestral establishment with zirconium and in these stars has an uncertain element technetium 4399Ts . technetium marrow could be organize as a case of 98Mo neutron vex with projection of an negatron from the centre bit or Photoprocesses of 97Mo . In any case, the forepart of the impermanent essence - conceptive show of organic evolution of nuclear reactions in stars.\n\nAstronomers and astrophysicists do much discipline on the analytic thinking and equation of the spectral selective information and studies of meteorites. It was constitute that elements with tear down atomic song are to a greater ex tent super acid than whimsical . Nuclei of elements with hitherto atomic rime are more immutable , constancy of a gist depends on the ratio in it the number of protons and neutrons. The most still nuclei were more likely to be organize and go away in rasping environments.

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