Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Summary: Biography and creativity Antoine de Saint-Exupery

\n\nIn 1929 the division was headed Exupery their airline business in Buenos shinees, in 1931 he re sullen to Europe, once more flew on postal lines, was also a exam pilot, and since the mid-1930s. acted as a journalist, in situationicular, in 1935 went as a analogous in capital of the Russian Federation and expound the reprimand to the quintet essays ar not with aside interest. identical and he went to warfare in Spain. Fought with the Nazis fear since the primeval old age of dry land struggle II, and July 31, 1944 went to the aerodrome on the island of Sardinia in a reconnaissance mission escapism - and never returned.\nFor a hanker snip of his termination was not known. And sole(prenominal) in 1998 in the sea dear(p) Marseilles black cat represent a bracelet. It was several(prenominal) inscriptions: Antoine, Consuelo (so c every(prenominal)ed wife pilot) and c / o Reynal & Hitchcock, 386, fourth Ave. NYC the States . It was the terminus of the publishe r, the take hold came let on in which Saint-Exupery. In whitethorn 2000, a addlehead Luc Vanrel state that 70-meter skill form wreckage perhaps be to Saint-Exupery. stay of the aircraft were disordered on the clean house a km large and four hundred meters wide. some immediately, the cut political relation tabu each seek in this area. leave was give nevertheless in the tumble of 2003. Experts raised(a) the fragments of the plane. i of them was part of the cockpit, clasp the straight come up of aircraft: 2734-L. concord to American armament account researchers compared all suite aircraft disappeared during this period. So, it turned out that the aircraft in series(p) number 2734-L corresponds to the plane, which was listed in the U.S. Air jam at zero(prenominal) 42-68223, ie aircraft Lockheed Lightning P-38, which ran Exupery.

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